Thursday, February 29, 2024

What's Coming in March?

Whispers of Spring are in the air, and while I do love reading by my fireplace, I also can't deny the freedom and possibilities that open up as the temperatures rise. I'm going to ignore the quickly increasing garden/farm work...okay, not really. But I will find some time to sit in the sun and read a few pages here and there. At least, the bugs aren't here quite yet.

So, what books will I be hoping to catch some warmer days with outside? 


A tale about a forest and animals seems like a great way to get ready for Spring. This one should be humorous, too. It's centered around a timid mouse, its small mistake, and the huge amount of chaos, which results from it. The cover has me curious to see what else is involved. I'm looking at this one on the 1st.

Picture Book


Growing up between two cultures is the theme of this read. I believe a girl goes through personal growth as she first goes against her mother's 'oddities' and wants to fit in with the kids at school. I'm hoping it carries as much goodness as that steaming bowl of rice in the picture. Let's dive in and see what it's about on the 3rd.

Picture Book


I was missing a scifi read last month, so I'm going to make sure to hit it early this time. I've read books from this author before and do enjoy his writing style. Plus, I'm sure that this bunch of kids is going to offer quiet the adventure. Maybe some humor, too? Ready those space suits because I'll be launching into this one on the 4th.

Middle Grade Science Fiction


The cover caught my eye thanks to the artistic flair. The switch from forest to girl to water intrigued me. Anyway, this heads into the dystopian realm and one in the not-all-too-far-away future. I don't know much about it; the blurb was pretty scant on details. But I want to give it a shot and see what happens. I'll be diving into this one on the 6th and really can't even tell you what to expect, since I have no clue.

Young Adult Dystopian


High-seas adventure, warring nations, twins, and (my favorite) historical fiction mark this read. It's been a bit since I hit something with ships. Combine that with a sibling twist, and I was instantly intrigued. The twins find each other only to discover they are on different sides of a war. It promises non-stop action and should bring all sorts of tension. Find out more with me on the 9th.

Young Adult Historical Fiction


It's flap-book time! I've always loved books with flaps and, of course, won't pass on the chance to take a peek at one. With Easter coming up, it's a perfect fit to this month's list. Let's take a peek and see what we can find on the 15th!

Board Book Seasonal


I don't think I have to even say why this one caught my interest... isn't it super cute? It's the start to a new graphic novel series for chapter book readers and promises tons of fun and a little mystery, too. I'm looking forward to see what these characters are up to and have a feeling it's going to put a smile on the face. Join me on the 18th to solve this mystery and swim in cuteness.

Chapter Book  /  Graphic Novel   /   Mystery


Sold as Encanto meets Coraline, this read holds haunted house goodness, a move, and a girl, who doesn't want to let go of her family ties...not that I know what's going to make her lose family ties, but I'll find out. The cover carries a spooky tone, and the blurb promises a bit of adventure, friendship and more. I'm hoping it strikes a nice balance between paranormal and character depth, and am excited to see if it hits my expectations. I'm exploring this one on the 20th.

Middle Grade Paranormal


Walking on the border between dreams and reality, this tale heads into a closet, where a boy has stored all sorts of dreams. I believe this one sits in reality while exploring the realm of imagination. I'm, honestly, not sure what to expect but it has received good reviews and appears to be a wholesome read while inviting in with dreams and adventure. I'll let you know what I think...and what this one is really about on the 25th.

Children's Fiction


This is part of a series, which centers around neurodivergent characters. This one centers around a boy with ADHD, who is doing his best to concentrate on his taekwondo classes and battles with distractions...especially thanks to a nemesis. It's written for early readers, and I'm curious to see how the author tackles this. Find out with me on the 28th.

Chapter Book Contemporary

Every month, I have a larger pile of books next to me than I could ever get to. But every month, books are delayed or don't meet my expectations, which means I have a few openings suddenly pop up. The Joker Read is the book on the very top of my pile, which I'm looking forward to, somehow, squeezing in.


This read was first published in 1963 in Greece and has been enjoyed in many countries over the years. For the first time in 50 years, it's being re-translated into English. It's a historic read with a hint of fantasy and hits many social issues. It's received quite a few prizes over the years, too. Since I haven't taken a look at this one, yet, I'm looking forward to finally diving in. But when will I get to it? Well, that's the question.

Middle Grade Historical


Natalie Aguirre said...

You've got a lot to read this month. Standing Water sounds good. I'm glad dystopian is making a comeback.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Quite the mix. The last one sounds interesting.

Tonja Drecker said...

Natalie - There has been a growing void in the dystopian direction, and I agree that it'd be nice to see more again.

Alex - Lol! Nothing like varied reading :)