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Today's read... Bob's Birthday Blobs by Naomi Raddatz

 Remember when paintings done by animals were...hmmm...I don't want to say popular, but some sold for quite a high price. Today's read did remind me of those, although I'm pretty sure this one heads in a different direction. After reading the blurb, I'm expecting a bit of mischief, giggles, and cute fun. Let's just take a peek and find out.

by Naomi Raddatz
Illustrated by Claudia Gadotti
Palmetto Publishing
Picture Book
36 pages
ages 4 to 8

Unleash the Magic of Imagination with Bob's Birthday Blobs! A Colorful Adventure for Kids and the Young at Heart!

Dive into the delightful world of Bob's Birthday Blobs by Naomi Raddatz, a whimsical picture book that sparks imagination and celebrates the joy of creativity. Perfect for children and those young at heart, this enchanting tale takes readers on a birthday journey filled with laughter, surprises, and the magic of turning chaos into art.

It's Bob's special day, and all he wants is a day of cake and play. However, his innocent mischief takes an unexpected turn, transforming his birthday celebration into a riot of colorful blobs! In this heartwarming story, Naomi Raddatz, a seasoned educator turned storyteller, weaves a narrative that not only entertains but introduces young minds to the wonders of art.

Claudia Gadotti's vibrant illustrations bring Bob's world to life, capturing the chaos and creativity that unfold on each page. Children and adults alike will be captivated by the visual feast, making it a perfect read-aloud experience for families.

Bob's Birthday Blobs is more than a book; it's a celebration of imagination and the power of turning unexpected mishaps into moments of joy. As Bob navigates through his birthday blooper, readers will witness the transformative magic that comes with embracing creativity.

The message is clear - every mess can be a masterpiece, and every birthday can be an adventure. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or a teacher, this book is a valuable addition to your collection, encouraging children to explore their creative side and approach life's surprises with a positive spirit.



A little mischief turns into an adorable tale and even holds a twist of creative inspiration.

It's Bob's birthday, and while he's suppose to be patient, he wants to play...especially with a cake on the table. After an unexpected mishap, Bob knows he's going to be scolded. Instead, things take an unexpected turn.

Not only puppy fans will giggle and smile at Bob's antics. He's a cute dog, but it's his mishap with a cake, which will have readers' eyes opening wide. The approaching trouble is clear and is something young readers will identify with as they recall similar situations in their own lives. Sympathy turns to surprise and rolls into positive scenes to make this a read filled with good vibes. Then, at the end, readers are encouraged to create similar pieces of 'artwork' and thanks to detailed directions.

The illustrations are well done and bring each scene across nicely as the tale runs through various emotions. Details invite to gazing, but then, much of the story is told through these bright scenes. The text is kept to a minimum and, sometimes, falls away completely to allow the images to show several moments of the story. This makes it lovely as a read-aloud and invites those readers, who are beginning to have a grip on their words, a chance to read the book themselves.

A message surrounding forgiveness accompanies the humor and heart, making this an enjoyable read in many ways.

And here she is...
Naomi Raddatz, a Wisconsin native and former
teacher, brings her love for storytelling and
education to life in Bob’s Birthday Blobs. With
over two decades of teaching experience,
Raddatz aims to inspire young minds through her
joyful tales. She resides in Wisconsin with her
family, sharing her passion for children’s literature, 
teaching reading and art.

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