Friday, March 15, 2024

Today's read... Hey, Little Night Owl by Jeffrey Burton

by Jeffrey Burton
Illustrated by Joy Hwang Ruiz
Little Simon
Board Book
26 pages
ages 3 to 5

In this sweet bedtime board book, parents stay awake in the quiet night with their little night owls.

From rocking in chairs, to singing lullabies, to driving nowhere underneath the moonlight, this is a story to remind parents of the precious magic made in the late hours of the night with their little night owls.

With heartfelt illustrations from New York Times bestselling illustrator, Joy Hwang Ruiz, this board book is the perfect start to a good night’s sleep.

Hey little night owl,
up with the stars.
These hours are perfect.
All quiet and ours.



Each page invites to sweet dreams, while flipping to the owls' favorite waking hours of day.

The stars are out, which means it's time for the little owl to rise out of its nest. Mother owls spends every moment with her little one as they go from one calm and sweet activity to the next. But at one point, the sun shows its first rays, and the little owl needs to return to the nest.

This is a bedtime read, which manages to flip the nocturnal clock of an owl while still remaining calming enough to ease into the last, sleepy moments. The little owl is full of life and enjoys every moment of its waking hours. The mother owl spends her time singing, playing and discovering the night world around them. This gives a lovely sense of family and security, which melds wonderfully with each calming scene.

Tones of brown and dark blues create a night world which also invites to a calmer mood. The text offers short phrases and follows a rhyming, lullaby-like pace, which generally flows well. It offers just enough to push the read along, while the illustrations take over the rest. 

And here they are...

Jeffrey Burton has written several books for children. He lives in New York City with his family.

Joy Hwang Ruiz has worn many creative hats over the year including New York Times bestselling illustrator, contemporary studio artist, on-air creative for MTV, and work-from-home mom with two young kids. Her illustrations celebrate family love and embrace inclusivity. She lives in southern California with her multilingual family. Visit her online at

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