Thursday, March 7, 2024

Today's read... What If... by DeLovell Earls

What's one of the best things about being a kid (or and adult version of one)? Imagination! At least, that's my take. There are other 'kid' benefits, too. Anyway, this book is all about inspiring readers to be creative and letting their imaginations free. I did take a tiny, little peek before picking this one up and that was enough to know that I wanted to read this one. 

Ready to shoot of to space and beyond...without leaving your bedroom?

by DeLovell Earls
Illustrated by Ellie Bird
Early Birdy Publishing
Picture Book
46 pages
ages 6 to 10

Step into a realm of wonder with "WHAT IF...", a children's book that nurtures creativity and questions the ordinary! Travel alongside characters Tinker and The Kid as they traverse through different eras and dimensions, posing the transformative question, "WHAT IF?" while finding innovative paths back to the here and now.

Journey of Navigate through the engaging story of "WHAT IF..." and grasp the fundamentals of design thinking. Watch as the characters convert simple thoughts into actionable solutions—aid ancient civilizations in technological advancements, sail across imaginary seas, venture into unknown skies, and return home wiser!

Learning Through The story emphasizes that it's fine to make errors as long as one learns from them. "WHAT IF..." aims to empower young readers to question the norm, think creatively, and recognize the opportunities that lie in challenges.

Contribute to a Better The story highlights the value of collaboration, innovative thought, and perseverance in making a positive impact. It invites readers to ponder over real-world issues, visualize alternative scenarios, and act collectively to improve circumstances.

Get ready for a captivating experience with Tinker and The Kid, who guide us to look beyond "WHAT IS" and dream about the endless "WHAT IFS."


Possibilities fly to the ends of the universe and beyond in pages packed with inspiration.

This book accompanies a young boy as he struggles to create something...anything. Inspiration seems to be side-stepping his grasp. That is until something amazing happens and he discovers, bit by amazing bit, how a spark of imagination can ignite creativity in the most unexpected ways.

While this book seems very message based (and is), it's able to dodge the preachy approach completely and open the doorway to imagination and inspiration. Readers will be able to sympathize with the boy as he sits in front of a project, unable to go any further because he simply isn't having any ideas on how to proceed. He's stuck ,and the frustration and helplessness come across with familiar tones. That's when the excitement begin. A robot suddenly taps him on the shoulder to show him the closet, overspilling with knick-knacks and construction possibilities...that is for those who let creativity know no bounds. It reminds me of those moments when my own kids headed out to build a time machines or space rocket from whatever was in the basement or garage. 

The illustrations are well done and let the little details come across nicely. But then, it's details which also make construction fun. Fantasy and dreams have no problem soaring through every page and invite to adventure and spontaneous moments. Plus, I do enjoy the robot.

It is sold for ages 6 to 10, but I'm scooting that one down just a tiny bit and recommending it for the 4 to 8 group due to the text level. It's an imaginative read, which inspires young readers to let their creativity take them anywhere they want to go and even further than that. Just be prepared to have those forgotten corners of clutter and storage raided because this read will probably inspire the next unexpected invention, too.

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