Thursday, March 31, 2022

What's Coming in April?

Spring is coming...or here...or maybe? Flowers, sun, and a bit of cold with the warmer breeze leave me hoping for a few steps of hiking here and there. What about you? Ready for nature to awaken and give more reason to spend time outdoors? I'm going to try to mix homeschooling with reading and with pleasure and with farm work...because that has to work out well, right?

This month is as colorful as the incoming Spring with a hodge-podge on the reading end. I have a pretty even mix of picture books, middle grade, and young adult reads. Nonfiction is swirling in stronger to add to the usual fantasy and science fiction reads in the pile. There are a few cute Easter reads, some contemporary depth, a couple do-it-yourself books, glimpses into other cultures, graphic novels, and adventure with mystery as well as a horror, too. Oh, and let's not forget that poetry! As I said—it's a hodge-podge of genres and directions, which promises something for everyone.


This is the 2nd in the series, and I read the first (amazing, right?). I did enjoy that one. So, I was definitely going to continue and see where this wholesome, down-to-earth group of friends headed next. This is one of those series to get lost in during the summer months. Find out if it's worth continuing the adventure or not on the 2nd.

Middle Grade Contemporary


With Spring, Summer and tons of free days coming up (at least, for the kids), ideas and activities which invite outdoors are high on the list. This one comes from a 2nd generation, homeschooling mom and promises tons of projects, adventures, and things to do. Peek at it with me on the 4th.

Children's Nonfiction

Yes, I was drawn in by the cover, but the blurb is amazing, too. After seeing the 5-star reviews, I wasn't about to skip this read. Promises of mystery, supernatural, romance, and haunted houses drew me in. Add that there is a 'Mother', who keeps 'kids' on different floors according to how they do her bidding, and I was raising my hand to review this one on the 7th.

Young Adult Paranormal


This one comes from a newer publisher (2018), and this one has definitely caught my eye. They seem to bring out high-quality books. So, I bounded on the chance to grab up this one, which is coming this August. It's a fantasy with a girl, the underworld, an academy, evil powers, adventure, secrets, and all of that with darker tones. It's been getting great reviews, and we'll see if I agree on the 8th.

Middle Grade Fantasy


This is one of several Easter reads I'll be tossing in for the youngest readers. Each one looks so cute! Not to mention that my fingers are itching to dye those eggs. Let's get into the season with this one on the 12th.

Board Book

Who else wouldn't mind diving into a world with aliens, a race to save Earth, advanced technology, and robot wars? Add that this one is a graphic novel, and I couldn't wait to dive into the pages. It's been SO long since I've read something like this. Blast off with me on the 13th to see if it's as good as I hope.

Young Adult Science Fiction


I've got 2 young adult, non-fiction novels this month, both based on women, who had a large impact in their fields but are often overlooked. I've played back-and-forth on which one to present in this quick-glimpse list, and this one won out due to...actually, no real reason. So, keep an eye out this month because non-fiction is blooming! This one will be posted on the 14th.

Young Adult Non-Fiction


This one simply caught my eye...maybe because we love to cook all things Asian? It promises to be a lovely read. So, join me on the 19th to learn more.

Picture Book


This one comes from the award-winning author of Small Mercies and is placed in a village in South Africa. A 12-year-old hears the story of the Canadian, who traded his way up to a house from a paperclip, and hopes he could do the same so his family can have a house big enough for them. It's supposed to be a fun read with tons of heart. I'll be presenting this one on the 27th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


This is the 3rd book in a series (which I haven't visited before because I have a tendency to jump right in) and rotates around fairy tales and, in this case, Cinderella. Now, I did have a bit of a burn-out on Cinderella retellings a few years ago, but I'm ready to dive in again and see where this one goes. Find out if this was a good decision or not on the 30th.

Young Adult Fantasy

As always, my schedule is packed to the gills, but that doesn't mean there aren't more books waiting to be read. So, here's one I'm determined to toss into the mix, but I have no idea when it will slide in yet.


April is National Poetry Month, and I have a few books on the back-up pile, waiting to find a way to squeeze in. This one contains all sorts of animal poems and should have lovely illustrations. When will I get to all of them? I have no idea, but they are worth a peek!

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