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Sneak Peek: Alter by H.R. Truelove with Giveaway!

Alter #1
by H.R. Truelove
Young Adult Science Fiction
January 26th 2022

Who do you trust when you can’t trust yourself?

Lennox, Erris, Wisdom…
There are many voices in Laura’s mind but no one, not even her family, will believe her.

Laura’s life is far from normal. After spending years in a medical center for seeing visions no one else can, Laura is transferred to the Tomlinson Institute of Research. There, she’s promised, lies the truth she’s been after her entire life.

But as her eighteenth birthday looms closer, Laura’s already complicated life takes a sudden turn. When she discovers what hides behind her unusual abilities, Laura’s reality is blown to pieces, and she must learn to make sense of her super-natural gifts. With a little help from the voices in her head, Laura needs to fight to save herself, the world she lives in–and every other world in the multiverse.

Alter is a gripping and intricate tale of conspiracy, mad scientists, and broken lives. A multiverse of blurry lines, lies, and deceit where we come face-to-face with the best of humankind… And it’s very worst.

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My eyes were weak, but I heard every heartbeat in the Hollow. Every thud had a signature as unique as each of the countless snowflakes piled outside.

The chilly air stung my eyes and lips. My ears curled from the cold and the tips of my fingers were burned black.

We didn’t even have a word for frostbite in the Dark World. Many Shadows who slept in the Hollow had missing fingers, hands, or entire arms and legs. Some limbs were taken in battle, others lost to the cold, but not one of them was a lesser fighter for it. We were born fighting, thrashing our way into the frosted wasteland of the Dark World with nothing but the voice in our heads.

I’d named mine Wisdom.

My conscience. The angel on my shoulder. The Devil. An imaginary friend—who wasn’t imaginary.

A visitor in my head, whose thoughts were a plague on my mind.

Do it now, Lennox. While Helectra’s sleeping. Her death will be quick and easy. You’ll be out of the Hollow before anyone knows you’re responsible.

What if you’re wrong? I asked, my words heard by Wisdom alone.

Helectra’s a spy! I went through the Crawlers’ records myself. Would you like to see them? Wisdom’s tone was far more threatening than helpful.

No. I trust you. It was a two-week hike to the closest computer I’d be able to verify the information on, anyway.

You should trust me. I’ve never been wrong. About anything. Wisdom’s irritation was so strong, a bitter taste settled on my tongue. We need to deal with Helectra before the Crawlers come after her. End her, Lennox. And don’t hurt anyone else this time.

Wisdom’s memories threatened to pierce my mind. I focused my thoughts, pitting my will against hers like a shield. I only wanted her words. I couldn’t handle her feelings.

Helectra wouldn’t end my life quietly. Crawler or not, I owe her a fight. I can do this. The pain will stay with me.

Wisdom’s doubt broke my shield and tore through my body.

Of course, Lennox. As always, you’ll do what you think is best.

No matter what happens.

Wisdom slipped from my mind, nothing but the jerk at my scalp to remind me a visitor was here. There was no time to celebrate the relief her quiet brought because once my visitor left, her voice was replaced with a new sound.

Thump, thump, thump.

Even a heartbeat sounded different when it belonged to a traitor. I followed the traitorous beat through the series of caves I’d sought refuge in with nearly thirty others. The children born during the Evernight were called Shadows, and the Crawlers hunted them mercilessly.

And here she is...

H. R. Truelove lives with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

She developed a thirst for reading during her long bus rides to school, and has been writing poetry, song lyrics, and short stories most of her life.

Truelove's debut trilogy, Alter, will release in 2022, with book one ready to launch in January.

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