Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Review: Peekaboo Chick by Camilla Reid

Today's read winks at spring and nature. It's a board book for the youngest readers out there and centers around the well-known game of peek-a-boo. This is only one of many books in the series, all of which look adorable. I love the little round face of the chick with the flower on this one. Plus, there are levers! I've always been a lever, push, pull, shove or whatever fan. So, I was thrilled to get my hands on this book.

Let's take a peek!

by Camilla Reid
Illustrated by P. Arrhenius
Nosy Crow
Board Book 
8 pages
ages 0 to 2

Ingela P. Arrhenius’s unmistakable, enchanting artwork, combined with an ingenious slider mechanism on every page, make this a totally irresistible board book for toddlers. Young children will be captivated by the peekaboo concept as they look for items found in springtime and—with something to push, pull, or turn on every spread—they won’t be able to put it down!



This book is part of a series surrounding the peekaboo theme. Each one looks adorable, so I was more than happy to get my hands on this one.

The theme is clear: peek-a-boo! This book dives into the realm of animals and ranges from frogs to dogs to deer and more. It's a sturdy book. Not only the pages with withstand a little mistreatment and love, but even the levers and pop-ups found on every page are well constructed. The illustrations are bright and bold, and have a simplistic, yet, cheerful style. Young readers will recognize the animals and objects easily. The levers and pulls are worked into the scene nicely and add little surprises, which compliment the tale. These are no problem to use and great training for little fingers. 

There are two words on each page. The first is always Peekaboo. The entire thing is done in rhyme and makes a nice, flowing read aloud. I did find some of the connections a little stretched (like 'Peekaboo run' with a caterpillar), but young listeners will be caught up in the rhythm and words, and probably not find it odd, in the least. 

The ending rounds everything off on a wonderful note and puts a smile on the face. It holds exactly the caring and loving atmosphere, which this age group needs to hear and can never have enough of. So, I do recommend this one for curious little readers out there.

And here they are...

Camilla Reid has written, conceived and edited children’s books for over twenty years.

Her titles for Nosy Crow as an in-house author include the Pip and Posy series (illustrated by Axel Scheffler), the Bizzy Bear series, (illustrated by Benji Davies), and the Felt Flaps series, (illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius). Her titles for other publishers include The Littlest Dinosaur and the Naughty Rock (illustrated by Michael Foreman, Bloomsbury), the Seriously Cute series (illustrated by Katherine Lodge, Bloomsbury) and the Lulu series, (illustrated by Ailie Busby, Bloomsbury).

Ingela P Arrhenius graduated from art school in the early 90s and has been working as an illustrator ever since. At first, she worked in advertising and magazines, but her focus over the past ten years has been on products and books.

Ingela has created patterns for fabrics, wallpaper and stationery, as well as packaging and home accessories. She has also collaborated with several toy producers around the world and her love of retro style, typography and colour is reflected in all her work. Ingela lives in Stockholm with her husband (an author) and two sons.

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