Sunday, March 6, 2022

Review: How the Bay Was Saved by Steve Gray

Today's review hints at thoughts of summer sun and water fun...and all of that with an important message. It takes place at Chesapeake Bay but has a broad appeal to make this of interest without keeping it too specific.

Ready to splash around? 

by Steve Gray
Illustrated by Nidhom
Mascot Books
Picture Book
38 pages
ages 4 to 8

How can one little dolphin stop humans from littering and save the Chesapeake Bay? This exciting adventures follows Donnie Dolphin as he creates a plan to save the bay with the help of a wise seagull and his friends. Together, can they teach humans that polluting the bay is wrong?



Beach and sunshine draw in with water-creature fun, while showing how important it is for visitors to pick up their own litter.

This is a brightly illustrated book with colorful and cheerful illustrations. It features five water creatures, each one a treat to meet. While especially Cranky Crab does have a bit of a bad mood, even younger readers will have no problem relating to him and find his solution of getting back at the humans a little funny in its own way. But they'll also understand that there is a much better way to handle things, especially when the sea creatures come together and develop a plan.

Littering and beach pollution thanks to thoughtless visitors stands as the center theme. It shows how this can and is a problem for the animals in the sea, and how easy it could be to change things. It's an inspiring tale which keeps a positive attitude the entire way through. 

The text is age appropriate but heavier than some picture books, making it appropriate as a read-aloud for ages 4 and up. It does work well in a group theme and can open up for discussions. The text is blocked, making it difficult to discern dialogue for easy reading. A few questions or added information at the end would have also helped to really round this book off. But it is still an enjoyable read with a well done message and characters to make readers/listeners smile.

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