Monday, March 14, 2022

Review: Together We Ride by Valerie Bolling

Today's read is all about family and a daughter's relationship with her father. I was glad to get my hands on this one, since I loved another on of this author's book, Let's Dance. Today's read doesn't come out until April 26th, but the cover already has me dreaming of warmer days and outdoor fun.

So, off we go!

by Valerie Bolling
Illustrated by Kaylani Juanita
Chronicle Book
Picture Book
36 pages
ages 4 to 8

ARPIL 26th!!!

Hair Love meets bike rides in this loving portrait of a father-daughter relationship.

Learning to ride is no easy feat! But with a little courage, a guiding hand from her dad, and an enthusiastic bark from her pup, one brave girl quickly learns the freedom that comes from an afternoon spent outside on a bike.

Experience the fear, the anticipation, and the delight of achieving the ultimate milestone in this energetic, warm story that celebrates the precious bond between parent and child.

THE JOY OF LEARNING TO RIDE A BIKE: Who can forget the first time they learned to ride a bike? This book is a nostalgic nod for parents and one they will be eager to share with their young one learning how to ride.

A GREAT READ ALOUD: This lyrical, upbeat text is a great fit for story-time in any household.

PERFECT GIFT FOR DAD: If you're looking for a Father's Day gift or a birthday gift for dad, look no further! He will love the child/parent relationship portrayed in these pages!

Perfect for:

• Anyone looking for the perfect Father's Day gift
• Anyone approaching the big milestone of bike riding
• Grandparents
• Parents
• Teachers and educators
• Librarians



Few words are needed for this tale to capture listeners' attention and have them nodding at a very familiar situation.

A little girl and her father take her bike out of the garage so she can ride. But learning how to balance and steer is something which takes patience, time, and determination. Luckily, the father is there to help.

Each page is laid out with a bright, bold scene. It starts in a garage and soon heads out into the neighborhood and beyond. The little girl's emotions are easy to connect with, and having her father at her side is warming and encouragement pure. There are few words, allowing this to have almost a poetic atmosphere as the illustrations call forth emotions from the listeners through their familiar scenes. Anticipation and excitement turn to disappointment, and with a little care, turn back into hope, achievement and more.

This book isn't only about riding a bike...although that's certainly a theme. The love a parent has for a child beams from every page. Then, there's the message of not giving up and trying again. All of this is wrapped up with a sense of care and security. 

And here they are...

The Illustrator...

Kaylani Juanita illustrates inclusive picture books, such as Ta-Da!, When Aiden Became a Brother, and Magnificent Homespun Brown, for which she received the 2021 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Award. Her mission as an artist is to support the stories of the underrepresented and create new ways for people to imagine themselves. She currently lives in Fairfield, CA. You can find her on Instagram @kaylanijuanita.

The Author...

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