Sunday, March 27, 2022

Review: Sea Serpent's Heir by Mairghread Scott

It's graphic novel time! Today's read caught my attention thanks to its cover and the promise of salty air. Throw in the known author, and well, I was excited to dive in. Do you see that crab at the girl's feet? Isn't he cute? That's what I thought until I read this one...but I'm keeping my lips tight, since the review is below. Let's just say that one never knows which way a wind will blow.

Book One: Pirate's Daughter
by Mairghread Scott
Illustrated by Pablo Tunica
Image Comics
Young Adult Fantasy
128 pages

OCTOBER 22nd!!!

For teenage Aella, growing up is hard. Even harder when you find out that you're the reincarnation of an ancient sea serpent that's destined to destroy the world, in a graphic novel trilogy from acclaimed creators Mairghread Scott and Pablo Tunica.


For Aella, life on Kinamen Isle is one of boredom. Spending her days fishing and minding her aunts, she dreams of life beyond the horizon.

Everything changes, however, when she awakens an ancient evil within herself as it's revealed that she's the reincarnation of Xir, the serpent that almost destroyed the world. Worse yet, a fanatical religious organization has arrived on Kinamen Isle in search of Xir.

As Aella is forced to fight for her life, she'll discover that her entire world is not what it seems. Her aunts know more than they let on and what exactly does the infamous Pirate Queen want with Aella?

From the team of Mairghread Scott (Star Wars: Resistance, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Pablo Tunica (TMNT Universe) comes an extraordinary tale of growing up and changing your fate.



Pirates and demons and prophecies and knights and—oh my! Take it with a swing toward the end of the world and crusades...and well, need I say more?

Aella has grown up on an island with a small village, whose occupants are as much a family as anyone can have, since her mother sails around the seas and leaves her feeling a bit abandoned. When the knights of the light visit the island in search of demons, Aella sees her chance to escape her narrow world and head into adventure, but she doesn't expect that the knights attack her, believing she's Xir, the demon prophesied to end the world in a wave of darkness. Aella wants nothing more than to end the madness as the island enters a bloody battle, but it's just beginning, especially when she discovers the entire island isn't what it seems, nor is her own mother.

The first pages thrust right into the story and left me a little confused, trying to piece together what was going on. With a lack of patience, I almost set it down, but that's when everything finally started to flow, and I was hooked. 

The cover and the blurb had left with a slightly different impression of Aella than what she really is. While I expected a sweet girl, who needs to fight for her own, Aella is anything but that. The illustrations of her are actually on the rawer side and give her an edge, which is anything but sweet. It's also clear that she isn't human, thanks to her ear...or is that a decoration, since the knights see her as human? Let's just say it took a second for me to re-warp my mind and get into the different flow. But once I was there, I truly enjoyed it.

The illustrations hold a more harsh and dangerous tone, which fits to the atmosphere well and adds a new direction on the imagination end. Yet, there are moments of softness and emotion...just don't expect it to get overly-sticky-sweet because that doesn't exist. This world is rough, tough, and even the 'good' borders on evil, which hits right on the point. It contrasts well to Aella and sets the stage in sharp contrast to the true heart of this tale. 

Throwing all symbolism and meaning aside (and this is snuck in masterfully, btw), it's action and intrigue and secrets and battles and magic and more. Adventure rings high on every single page with a delicious richness, which promises excitement after excitement. So, it's the beginning of a true adventure, where anything could happen, and I'm looking forward to continuing the ride with book two. 

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