Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Story of Ace the Dog That Comes From Space: English + Italian Edition by Anna 'Annina' Lorenz

I reviewed this one a month or two ago, which you can read here, and enjoyed it. The author has informed me that the Italian/English (yep, bilingual!) edition is now out. So, of course, I'm ready to help shout it to the world. 

What happens when an author, such as Anna “Annina” Lorenzi, of stories, novels, poetry, and various other kinds of texts, decides to write a book illustrated ironicallyand she encounters “the pencil” and the brilliant mind of a famous Italian cartoonist, such as Lele Corvi?  Well, what a question, Ace is born!

The story of Ace was written with a smile to make readers smile, but also to reflect. It was born as a book for everyone. If a range of ages had to be specified, it would surely be “from 0 to 100.” 

Ace is determined, with his principles, his ideas, and his convictions, but he is also one who knows how to be ironic and to “play” with his weaknesses, his uncertainties, and delusions, reflecting on himself and on the world in which he was “catapulted” when born. Ace will know how to make himself loved, immediately, because – as Lele Corvi writes in his preface – “…even though he comes from another planet and is a dog, he is one of us. Ace is EVERYONE of us.” 

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Heather N. Quinn said...

What an interesting book. You've got me curious!