Thursday, March 3, 2022

Review: Two-Headed Chicken by Tom Angleberger

With so much going on right now, a little comic relief is needed to maintain some sanity. So, when I saw this book, the cover screamed silly. The blurb promises tons of craziness too. A two-headed chicken racing across dimensions to escape from a green moose, who's determined to fry them/it? Yeah. Sure. Why not?

This one doesn't come out until the end of September, which is too bad, because I know several readers who are going to love it....which means pre-order and wait, I guess.

by Tom Angleberger
Walker Books
Children's Humor / Graphic Novel
ages 7 to 10


In a hilarious, absurdist romp by New York Times best-selling creator Tom Angleberger, a two-headed chicken races across the multiverse to escape a hungry moose.

Anything is possible in the multiverse, including a madcap adventure starring a plucky two-headed chicken. But look out—there’s a chicken-hungry moose in pursuit! In this fourth wall–breaking graphic novel, our double-headed hero is chased through dozens of bizarre universes, from an ocean planet with a disturbing mermoose (that you can never unsee) to a world where chickens drive cars, and even to a land covered with . . . pizza sauce? With each BZOOP! of the universe-hopping Astrocap, the only thing to expect is the unexpected. Packed with jokes, quizzes, and games, the two-headed chicken’s wacky escapades will remind readers of such favorites as Dog Man and CatStronauts. Absurdist superstar Tom Angleberger makes his original graphic novel debut with this lightning-fast caper that will have readers laughing out loud and eager for each new page.



Original doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of this rapid-paced, mega-quirky adventure, which bends the mind more than interdimensional travel ever could and leaves serious-though galaxies away.

What is a two-headed chicken to do when a moose is a green moose is determined to fry it? It uses the interdimensional cap and zips away in search of a spot where the moose doesn't exist. And good luck with that one because even the craziest dimensions seem to be determined to keep that chicken running.

This is a bright and bold graphic novel, which is packed with humor pure. Well, not quite. There are also mazes, puzzles and other activities sprinkled in here and there, making it a read, which definitely keeps boredom far away. It is funny, super ridiculous, and gives quite the exciting ride. It's impossible to guess what will happen next as the two-headed chicken zaps from one dimension into the next with lots of silliness and snark in between.

All of it is age appropriate and will, no doubt, have readers completely engaged. The balance between illustrations and text is well done. The puzzles in between add a unique break and are a nice touch. 

I can see this one being a favorite, especially among more reluctant readers or those who love exciting craziness.

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