Monday, January 6, 2020

Review: My Evil Brother Packed My Lunch by Laura Watson

Illustrated by Laura Watson
Chronicle Books
Novelty Book
12 pages
ages 3 and up

Frosting sandwiches and pickle hot dogs?!

When Taylor's big brother volunteered to make their packed lunches for a week, it didn't seem like a bad idea. But with a brother as weird as Taylor's, nothing is ever as it seems! It's a tale of mixed-up munchies and untradeable treats as kids lift the flaps inside this unique lunch box-shaped book, complete with a snap closure and portable handle. Picky eaters and culinary rebels alike will delight in this endearingly unpleasant tribute to strange lunches and even stranger siblings.

• A lunch-box shaped book with fun flaps
• The portable design means kids can easily tote it around with them
• A read aloud book with gross combinations of food that everyone will bring on the giggles

Fans of A Dragon with his Mouth on Fire and Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch will love this book.

This book is perfect for:
• Parents of siblings
• Parents and families with a sense of humor
• Kids who like gross things
• Kids who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty


Fun and humor fill a week full of meals with a bit of a somewhat gross and yet silly way.

This is a book, which from its form, already invites to be tugged around and used. In the form of a lunchbox, the cover is pretty sturdy and offers a handle, which begs to be used. There's a snap and flap on it, too, to make sure the book holds together where ever it might be taken. In other words, this one is made for use and small hands.

Taylor's older brother has volunteered to make the school lunches the entire week. Taylor's parents might be thrilled, but Taylor isn't so sure this will go well. And that's where the fun launches.

After a quick dive and introduction into the which the illustrations already make it clear how dangerous this could become...the lunch week begins. Each day, Taylor requests certain items for his lunch. The lunch her receives remains hidden beneath a door, which when lifted, displays what appears to be somewhat matching his request. Again, doors accompany each food item, and when they are lifted, surprises await. The entire page, which I find adds a really nice touch, is accompanied by a tiny note from his older brother.

Not only are door flaps with surprises always a plus in our books (no pun intended), but this one adds a dash of gross, which is sure to make young listeners and gazers giggle and moan. It doesn't go crazy either, but keeps the disgusting scale at a great level. The illustrations are simple and make the ingredients easy to identify, so that the younger ones can flip through the book time and again themselves.

The only downside (which isn't one when it comes to creativity)—kids might be inspired to make their own 'great' lunches.

And here she is...

Laura Watson creates whimsical illustrations for children's books, educational materials, and magazines. She lives in Toronto.

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