Thursday, January 16, 2020

Review: Make Me A Monster by Mark Rogalski

by Mark Rogalski
Chronicle Books
Board Book/ Activity
16 pages
ages 3 to 5

Am I a monster?
Is there any dispute?
Have you seen a monster
So fierce and so cute?

Bring this monster to life by lifting 12 flaps—from bulging blue eyes to clever claws—until the book has fully transformed by the last page. With a flashy neon green palette, die-cuts and flaps on every page, and a rollicking, rhyming text, this deliciously fun novelty book rewards readers with a satisfying payoff at the end.


Monster fans...and non-monster fans...are going to get a kick-out of this fun novelty book as they flip through each page and decide what their monster will look like

Sturdy and large, this book invites to play and read a little too. Each page holds a cute, flowing rhyme, which invites young listeners to the world of their own monster imagination. Everything from noses to claws to wings is discussed, and whatever else a monster might have. It's a fun read even if the monster building was ignored. But who'd want to do that?

Every page holds monster 'parts' as flaps, which can be swung up, down or to the sides. Each page holds its own monster face with a certain monster attribute to flip—horns, wings, teeth and so on. While each page allows the reader/listener to try to part out individually, the main goal is to decide which ones remain. When the book is closed, the entire monster comes together.

It's fun, trains the imagination and shows how cute monsters really can be. This one got a thumbs up from my entire family.

And here he is...

Mark Rogalski is an author, illustrator, and designer. He lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

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