Friday, January 17, 2020

Review: Goodnight, Rainbow Cats by Barbara Castro Urio

by Barbara Castro Urio
Chronicle Books
Board Book
26 pages
ages 3 to 5

It is time to say goodnight, which means that each colorful cat comes home to curl up in the big white house.
The youngest of readers will delight as each cat enters the house with the turn of a page, and one by one, the die-cut windows are infused with color. With reassuring warmth, charm, and an early-concept "colors" hook, this bedtime-themed novelty board book and its endearing cast of cozy cats offers a memorable and soothing way for little readers and their loved ones to say goodnight.

• Features 12 sweet, sleepy cats in every color of the rainbow
• A sweet bedtime book for kids
• Appealing to cat lovers of all ages

Fans of ThinkTouchLearnArtsy Cats Board Book, and ¡A dormir gatitos! will love this book.

This book is perfect for:
• Parents
• Bedtime book readers and gift givers
• Anyone looking for a baby shower or first birthday gift


Colorful kitties making their way home to bed invites young readers to learn colors in a subtle, night time read.

The illustrations in this one are very simple and yet quick to the point, while not ignoring the needed cuteness and fun to grab young readers. Cats are artfully shown in a single color, while presenting very natural cat poses. And they only take a small corner of a white page. The house, while large, is simple white with a very basic black outline, allowing the windows to hold attention. A single, little window appears every time a cat approaches, and the cats color is added to the rest who've already been introduced in the previous pages until a rainbow of windows appears.

It's a sturdy enough book, and the increasing windows adds a touch of discovery and fun. There's also a nice verse, which accompanies each page. It's cute, sweet and has a repetitive last line, which only varies enough to highlight every cat's color. Young listeners will learn to join in on this part. That helps them to remember the colors even more. 

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