Monday, September 17, 2018

Review: Seekers by R.A. Denny

Mud, Rocks and Trees, Book Two
by R.A. Denny
YA Fantasy / Adventure
281 pages

"Bring the seals together in Tzoladia and you will learn their secrets." An intriguing, yet simple quest. But nothing is ever that easy. 

Killer monkeys lurk in the woods. Treacherous watchers skulk the underground tunnels. An evil emperor's minions control the archipelago city. 

Brina is proficient in archery. Moshoi skillfully wields the swords he crafts. Amanki has mastered sailing. But those skills aren't enough. The three young adventurers must make choices. Choices that mean life or death. Choices with no safe answer. 

The Society of the Word has given them tools: wise sayings, moral stories, mysterious prophecies. But their faith will be tested. Will the star guide them to their destiny or lead them to their doom? Who will survive?


After reading the first book in this series, I was excited to see where the tale would take the heroes next. This book holds even more depth and excitement than the first. Book two does start there where the first book left off, which means it is better when read as a series.

That said, there were so many more layers to this tale than in book one. The story shoots off into three different story lines, each one as interesting as the other. The switch between them was never confusing, but rather held the excitement high as each group dealt with their own challenges and problems. It's hard not to cheer for the characters as they end up facing much tougher trials than they thought they would. And some of them are very harsh. The tension and adventure remain high the entire way through, never giving a breath to boredom. 

Although we got to know the characters in the first book, they continue to gain depth in these pages. It's a delight to get to know each one as new aspects to their thoughts, hopes and goals develop and change. But then, the world around them is just as exciting and detailed. It's a tale to get lost in in so many ways.

The religious aspects of this book are impossible to ignore, and slide into the story line with grace. The messages are clear without becoming preachy and mix right in with the plot. There are a few more vivid (gory) scenes, which might be a bit much for more sensitive readers. The author allows the circumstances to hit hard and doesn't flinch. But then, the characters are up against tough challenges, not to mention the increasing dark tone in the background which hints at more evil and excitement to come. 

And here she is...

R.A. Denny is an ancient history buff with a law degree from Duke University. While working as a criminal prosecutor by day, she escaped by night to create the fantasy world of her Mud, Rocks, and Trees series.

R.A. Denny loves adventure, animals, and history. She has traveled to the ancient rock city of Petra on horseback, flown through the jungles of Costa Rica on zip lines, and visited the Great Pyramid on a camel. She lives in Delaware. As a child, she had two pet flying squirrels.

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