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Guest Post by M.K. Wiseman - author of The Kithseeker

Today, we have a guest!
(and yes, balloons, confetti and little horns are sounding everywhere)
M.K. Wiseman, 
author of The Kithseeker,
has stopped by as part of her tour to talk about something us bookworms love to do!

Those Books You Read Over and Over again...

When I was in grade school, we were given a copy of the Reader Bill of Rights. I don’t remember all that it said (I’m actually betting that I have a copy tucked away somewhere in my school ephemera) but I do remember the Right to Read & The Right To Not Read.

I found these rights to be incredibly freeing. It was permission to read what I wanted … and like it.
Now, don’t get me wrong. At the time I absolutely loved books. I read widely and often. I might have even read more than I do today—in the case of sheer numbers and ‘original’ reads. Nowadays, I tend to read a lot of old favorites over and over.

This post is about one such read.

I have read Carol Kendall’s The Gammage Cup upwards of three dozen times.

I will probably read it six times that amount before the end of my life time (if I’m lucky.) I’ll likely someday die with my well-worn copy sitting on my nightstand. And you know why? *takes a deep breath* I love that book. I love every single thing about it.

It wasn’t aways that I could say that. For a time, I forgot those Rights of the Reader. I read the things I was supposed to read. Because of what was fashionable, popular, age appropriate, Important, Serious, timely, etc etc. I let my reading habits become bent to the whims of others. Sure, there’s some merit to that—after all, my discovery of Gammage Cup came from a Scholastic Book Fair, which meant that someone, somewhere was indirectly telling me to read this particular book.

I’m not even sure when I re-remembered my Rights as a reader. It did not come to me as a lightning-bolt epiphany. But I am glad that it happened. For, even now, as an author of YA historical fantasy—penning tales of wizards and magick and adventure—I still am subject to pressure from folks. There is pressure to write Serious Literature. Some people would rather I write for adults. For me? It’s the story and the telling of it that matters.

And so I charge you, dear reader: Go read. Let the book cover be seen. Smile as you read the thing you have chosen to read. Enjoy your right to not have read [Insert-Latest-Trend-Here]. And, of course, feel free to read that same old comfort-food equivalent of story again and again as you see fit.

And here is her latest book!

Bokkminder series, Book Two
by M.K. Wiseman
YA Historical Fantasy

France, 1680

Liara's defense of the Wizard Nagarath has rendered Anisthe incantate--bereft of magick--but even this cannot guarantee her safety. Because the death of her father-in-magick would seal the girl's fate, necessity demands she and her wizard maintain a watchful eye on the war mage, while protecting her from his dark designs.

Anisthe has embarked on a journey across Europe, aided by his half-fey manservant with an agenda all his own. They search for a legendary mirror that contains the world's most powerful magick. Although the stuff of fairytales, the possibility of its existence compels Nagarath and Liara to seek the artifact themselves. Both know that should Anisthe lay claim to that power, Liara would be at his mercy and not even Nagarath could save her.

Thus, the pair find themselves at Versailles, surrounded by agents who ferret out magick users and destroy them. Uncertain who is friend and who is foe, with their rival on their heels, they must discover the mirror before Anisthe releases its evil, or worse, it lays claim to Liara's magick and brings doom upon them all.

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Here she is...

M. K. Wiseman has degrees in animation/video and library science – both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Today, her office is a clutter of storyboards and half-catalogued collections of too, too many books. (But, really, is there such a thing as too many books?) When she’s not mucking about with stories, she’s off playing brač or lying in a hammock in the backyard of her Cedarburg home that she shares with her endlessly patient husband.
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