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Review: The Cleansweep Conspiracy by Chuck Waldron with Giveaway

Welcome to Mommy and Daddy Days here on Bookworm for Kids! Every so often, I present a book which is aimed at all those moms and dads out there because parents like to read too.

Today and tomorrow, I'm presenting two books in a Technothriller series. While this series is for the adult audience, it isn't the kind of book which needs to be hid under the bed for fear the kids might take a peek. The only thing which might make it kid inappropriate is the more mature language usage...which doesn't occur very often.

The Cleansweep Conspiracy 
A Matt Tremain Technothriller Book 1
by Chuck Waldron
Bublish Inc. 
April 2018
Thriller / Dystopian
310 pages

Tour dates: Aug 13 to Sept 21, 2018
 PG-13 + Mature language

In this riveting technothriller, investigative blogger Matt Tremain is covering devastating riots in Toronto when he learns of a plot to rid the city of “undesirables.” The operation is called CleanSweep, and appears to be led by billionaire Charles Claussen, who want to sweep Toronto clean of all street people and any citizens who don’t match his restrictive screening matrix.

Matt questions whether he has the courage, skill or influence to take on Claussen, but the murder of one of his sources convinces the blogger to put his life on the line. He gambles on the loyalty of a Toronto police detective and a local TV reporter for help. If his trust is misplaced, Matt will become yet another victim of CleanSweep, and the truth will be buried with him forever.

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Intriguing, potent messages and tension make this an interesting thriller.

Matt finds himself hunted by a very powerful group, who has more than disturbing plans for the future of the country. Through an encounter with a man named Tanner, Matt discovers the real intentions behind a new movement named CleanSweep, which has taken a strong hold in the government and life. After unveiling the conspiracy in his blog, Matt, along with several other people, find themselves running for their lives while trying to reveal the group's true goals.

The opening scenes pack tension pure and demand attention. Although the reader knows little about Matt during these pages, the situation he finds himself in is so grabbing that it's hard not to get caught up in his tale. But this isn't only a story about Matt. As the plot unfolds, a small group of people stand next to him and are ready to stand at his side.

The author is a talented writer and knows how to thread an intriguing plot together, insuring the background information as well as scenes sit perfectly as a puzzle. The tale is well thought out and the messages behind it clear.

Many moments of high tension sprinkle the pages as the reader follows Matt as he tries to remain out of Claussen's clutches while attempting to find a way to expose the evil group for what it really is. While these moments are simply a joy to read, there are more dry moments in between, where information comes across thick and heavy. The logic behind the master villain's plans is delivered in clear text, keeping things from getting confusing but also losing a little in the way of tension and pacing. Flashbacks are used in the story which allow the layers of intrigue to come to light at just the right time, but unfortunately, there's never any notation to let the reader know that a scene is indeed a flashback. This causes quite a bit of confusion at times.

The characters are easy to love or hate. Matt and those at his side are simple to root for as they find themselves in one dangerous situation after the next, and yet, still try to expose Claussen and his plans. Claussen radiates all that is terrible and unjust. All of these characters, however, lack a little on depth.

All in all, this is an interesting read with tension and intriguing layers. Especially toward the end a few surprises await and invite to dive into the next book.

And here he is...

Chuck Waldron is the author of four riveting mystery, thriller and suspense novels and more than fifty short stories. Inspired by his grandfather’s tales of the Ozark Mountains and local caves rumored to be havens for notorious gangsters, Waldron was destined to write about crime and the human condition. Those childhood legends ignited his imagination and filled his head with unforgettable characters, surprising plots and a keen interest in supernatural and historical subplots.

With literary roots planted in the American Midwest and South, and enriched by many years living in the fertile cultural soil of metropolitan Ontario, Waldron now resides on Florida’s fabled Treasure Coast with his wife, Suzanne. While keeping an eye out for hurricanes, alligators, and the occasional Burmese python, visitors will find Waldron busy writing his next crime thriller.

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