Saturday, September 1, 2018

Happy Book Birthday, The Day That A Got Away by BCR Fegan

by B.C.R. Fegan
Illustrated by Lenny Wen
Picture Book 
32 pages
ages 4 and up

While Mrs May is checking her students’ homework, she notices that Jet hasn’t managed to write down the letters of the alphabet. Instead of providing a familiar excuse, Jet offers Mrs May an elaborate story about how every letter happened to leave his page while he was walking to school that morning.

The Day That A Ran Away clearly and cleverly moves through the alphabet from A to Z. Each page has a number of items to find and the simple rhyme on each page will help readers remember the letter sequence. The story also touches gently on the concept of homework and the importance of making an effort.


What a cute ABC read and, of course, perfectly timed for the school year. 

Master Jet (loved this name) must write the ABCs for his teacher. But he can't! When she asks him the reason, he explains what happened to each of the letters. Every single one has their own reasons for not being present. The question is...will the teacher accept his explanation?

This is a bright book, packed with tons of quirky silliness and imagination. The school scenes only take up a couple of pages...which in the beginning, I was missing a bit more to lead into the story...letting the rest of the tale concentrate on those frustrating ABCs. Each letter's predicament is described in a very short, two-line rhyme found somewhere on the illustration. This makes it great even for shorter attention spans and allows the illustrations to carry the book as much as the words. 

The letters are easy to decipher while still holding a very individual, slightly monsterly appearance. Each one has a very distinct personality, insuring that young listeners are sure to find their personal favorites. Giggles are guaranteed as the pages pass. But that's very much the point. Although this book does help introduce younger listeners to the alphabet, the concentration remains on silliness and fun. It's the kind of book kids are sure to enjoy.

And here he is...

I think you can tell a good children’s book by the desire of a child to hear it read to them again… and again! Or perhaps to see a child sitting by themselves engrossed in the story – turning each page and even reading aloud what they remember of the text. A good children’s book often goes beyond the narrative of the story itself and provides instead a platform from which the child’s own imagination takes flight.
It is from this place that the stories you find here have been crafted. Written not, by the adult carefully layering imaginative themes upon any number of agenda’s, but instead written by the child within. These are tales where anything can happen and where adventures lurk around every corner. Each story begins with the desire to delight young children; to tantalise their imaginations; and to kindle their curiosity.
Through each story’s natural progression, there are certainly lessons that parents can easily highlight to their children. However the main focus of each and every one of these books is for the reader and child alike to simply sit back, get drawn into the adventure, and enjoy a good tale.
I hope you enjoy them!

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