Saturday, December 10, 2016

Review: The Protector Bug - The Tryouts by Jason Reid

The Tryouts (Volume Two)
by Jason Reid
Children Picture Book
36 pages
ages 3 +

"This amazing new addition to The Protector Bug series not only has new illustrations, but a fun new adventure for children of all ages to enjoy. In “The Tryouts” two best friends Sheldon, the ant, and Jared ,the mosquito, overcome challenges as they are both on their own journeys to becoming the newest Protector Bugs. The wonderfully illustrated children’s book is full of adventure and great moral lessons of overcoming self-doubt and helping those in need. The unexpected surprises of these two best friends will keep you and your children on your toes and wanting to read more!"


They might be little, but these bugs are ready to dive into an adventure which will leaves kids wanting more.

Sheldon and Jared both want to be Protector Bugs, but neither is as strong and powerful as the beetles who usually fill this position. When the contest comes to see who the next Protector Bugs will be, Jared gives his best while Sheldon decides bookworms like him shouldn't even bother to risk an attempt. Fate, it would seem, has other plans.

This is a picture book packed with adventure and speeds on through from the beginning to the last page. Sheldon and Jared are quickly introduced with few words, but that's all which is needed to get the story underway.  Each personality is brought across clear enough for kids to understand why these two doubt their abilities to become protector bugs. Especially a short tale by a past Protector Bug and his battle against a tentacle monster makes it crystal clear that only the strongest bugs can handle such a position. This little story was a delight in itself.

The illustrations are very bright, colorful and have just enough details to invite young readers/ listeners to flip through them again and again. The pictures support the words, and add a nice touch to the story.

There are many messages in these pages--bullying, self-confidence, not giving up, helping others and more. Never do these come across in a preachy fashion, but flow seamlessly with the story.

Summed up, this is a fun read for kids ages four and up.

And here he is. . .

Jason Reid is an entrepreneur by trade and a dad by passion. He currently lives in Murrieta, California with his wonderful wife and amazing four children.  Over the years he has written numerous business books and a novel, but finds he is most excited about his children’s The Protector Bug book series

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