Monday, December 19, 2016

Review: The Existential Giraffe by Eric Kesselman

By Eric Kesselman
Illustrated by Erica Missey
Children's Picture Book
ages 3+ 
36 pages

The Existential Giraffe is a fun, quasi-kids story about a giraffe trying to figure out whether he is real, and if that matters to his life at all. The wonderfully illustrated story is amusing for adults, and entertaining for kids.


 This short book is proof that even the youngest little thinkers can enter the sometimes mind-bending thoughts of philosophy and come out smiling from ear to ear.

Sammy is a giraffe. Or, at least, he thinks he is. It's hard to be sure, but then, can anyone ever be sure?

This is only one book in a series, which the author refers to as Animalosophy (that alone made me smile). Sammy tackles the difficulties of existentialism. Does he exist? Or does he only think that he exists? The author does a fantastic job of bringing this thought process across in simple text and colorful illustrations. 

Sammy is quirky, full of energy and a giraffe to love. Kids will want to grab his neck and hug him as they follow his problem from page to page-one that's laid out very understandably and clear. . .and humorous too. The predicament brings giggles and makes readers think and think some more. And the end result brings smiles and warm feelings too. 

In other words, this is a must grab and read for little, philosophical friends.

And here he is. . .

The author is Eric Kesselman, a former attorney, former professional gambler, now asset manager. He lives in New York City, with his lovely wife Kathleen, their two children, three cats, dog, and five fantasy baseball teams.

You can find out more about him. . .

and on Instagram: @ekesselman1173

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