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Christine's Christmas Countdown!!!

The aim of this little book is to help busy mothers enjoy Christmas preparation by minimizing the worry that you will not get everything done in time and avoiding the stress of the last minute rush. You must start planning in mid-September. Then, if you follow the guidelines and suggestions in this book, you should be relaxed and remember everything. It covers shopping, household chores, children's needs, clothing, decorations, party planning and safety tips. It reminds you to do everything from buying a few spare presents to getting the chimney swept! You will be guided through September, October, November and December. There is advice on keeping a clear and accurate diary and aids to list making for shopping and all Christmas tasks. Alongside all this there are tips to help you look and feel good throughout the festive season.

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Wise Words!
(and a sneak peek)

There are no hard and fast rules for the last few days running up to Christmas Day. Much depends on your plans, but do make lists and go through each meal very carefully at least twenty-four hours beforehand. That way you will remember to take things out of the freezer on time and can have food prepared for cooking. Write a time schedule for cooking so that everything is ready on time. In particular, be sure you know the time required to cook the turkey. Plan the table setting and do it the night before if possible. Make a list of everything you need to put on the table, from condiments to serving spoons. Select the wines so that they will be at the correct temperature. Remember drinks for children. Have babies’ meals prepared well in advance.

So that you have as much free time as possible on Christmas morning, prepare as much as possible on Christmas Eve, e.g. stuffing, cranberry sauce and the vegetables.

For the Christmas pudding, have the holly to put on the top, the brandy to pour over it and matches to light it ready for a grand entrance with a flaming pudding.

You will now hopefully enjoy Christmas Day. Keep calm, feel good and forget your diet.


This is a great, short read for all those mothers, grandmothers, aunts...actually, any woman...who wants to enjoy the holiday season with a little bit less unjoyful stress.

Packed with helpful hints, the book goes through a very organized, month to month break down on how best to approach the holiday season. The chapters are broken down by months, starting with September. As Christmas Day approaches, it's broken down into weeks to ensure all last minute details are touched upon. Each chapter begins with supportive words and thoughts before heading into a list with items, which might be necessary to ensure a seamless holiday celebration. The lists are very geared for women, hitting everything from decorations to wardrobe to presents to guest preparation. At the end of each chapter, several pages are left with open lined lists for personal notes, thoughts or whatevers to help organize the thoughts for that month.

The entire thing is fun to read and does mention several things one might not think of. Of course, there are some items which won't fit every woman, her life-style or festival plans, but in general, the ideas can be applied to other areas and offer great thoughts to help new ideas along.

Summed up, this is the perfect, little book for those women who have a lot to plan for the holidays and could use the extra help in keeping things organized.

About Christine Harrington
Dr. Christine Harrington is a retired Consultant Dermatologist who now lives in a farmhouse in South Wales where she spends her time gardening. Christine loves nothing more than spending time with her family and dogs, especially over Christmas.

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