Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review: Hey AJ It's Saturday by Martellus Bennett

by Marty
The Imagination Agency

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Packed with tons of fun and loads of hilarious excitement, this story grabs right away and is sure to become a favorite with kids.

AJ wakes up early in the morning and is ready for some breakfast! What she finds in the kitchen tops any normal food she could hope for. Before she knows it, breakfast becomes a magical feast with the most amazing animals she'd could ever hope to have appear.

The first thing which grabs me about this series is the quality. This is a project created with love, and that radiates from the plot to the characters and through every step of every page. The illustrations are simply a delight. The colorful adventures come to life with adorable characters and wonderful attention to just the right amount of detail. They have a very modern day flair which is sure to capture attention and demand that little readers flip through the book again and again.

As to the story itself, there's only one word for it--fun. AJ is an energetic, sweet girl with just the right amount of spice. Her imagination knows no bounds and invites to unforgettable adventure and playful situations. Almost every page demands at least a smile, and each animal is so much fun that kids are sure to find their personal favorite. 

There's also a lovely amount of family warmth depicted in the pages. The joy parents share with their children is brought across clearly and shows how wonderful family life can be. Not every moment should be serious, but even the most mundane, every day tasks can turn into terrific adventures. 

Summed up, this is a great book for kids ages 3+. It sparks imagination, lures in with fantastic characters and lets the fun simply take flight. I can highly recommend it and hope to see much more of AJ, her family and her priceless friends in the future.

About The HEY AJ APP: The App is an imaginative, interactive children’s picture book that comes to life at their touch! Kids will be able to launch into a user friendly game of A.J's strange, wacky, kooky kitchen helping AJ along as she tries to make breakfast for herself on an ordinary Saturday morning. The kitchen is essentially a game filled with bacon frying pandas, swimming pancakes, a slippery strawberry banana stream, monkeys and even a horse all trying to make a delicious dish to fill their tummies. Each animal does something unique when you tap them and the objective is to get AJ from her room to the kitchen and maneuver making breakfast with the wild characters that spring from her seemingly ordinary kitchen!

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