Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review: Nina the Neighborhood Ninja by Sonia Panigrahy

by Sonia Panigrahy 
Illustrated by Hazel Quintanilla
Tiny Sparks Press
Picture Book
ages 3+
44 pages

Nina's a girl who takes charge. She uses her brain and her muscles to complete rescue missions. She doesn't mind getting dirty and climbing trees. It's all part of the life of the everyday girl superhero. Young readers are encouraged to recognize that the traits of being smart, strong, and speedy exist within themselves. Young girls will find this book to be a positive affirmation that they too can be superheroes. 


This sweet, little book not only holds adorable illustrations but also promotes diversity while offering an empowering message great for young, want-to-be ninjas.

Nina is a girl but not just any ordinary girl. She's the neighborhood ninja! And as such, it's her duty to protect and help those in need. She's accompanied by a true and dependable firefly, who backs her up  in every sticky situation.

Nina is a cute little ninja with a very warm heart. She may not have any 'super powers' and, in fact, is actually just a normal girl. But that doesn't mean she can't be a super hero when needed. It's this message which warms the heart and inspires. Any kid can be a super ninja and protect others...even without a fantastic firefly at their side.

The illustrations are adorable and invite for kids to come back time and again. The tell a story all on their own and add cute moments to put that extra smile on the face. There's a bit of text on every page, making that end more for ages 3+. The vocabulary is great for the age group, although the sentences are sometimes a bit short and choppy, which breaks the flow every now and then.

Summed up, this is a great book with tons of goodness packed inside.

All about. . .

Author Sonia Panigrahy is a public health professional, world traveler, adventure seeker, and fitness enthusiast. She believes that life is too short to be bored! Nina the Neighborhood Ninja was created out of Sonia's lifelong love of reading. As her family and friends begin to have children, she looked forward to sharing this love with them. She believes that books are a powerful way to empower impressionable young minds. Sonia was surprised that she could not find books for girls ages 3-6 years that realistically identified females as intelligent, physically tough, brave, and adventurous. She was disappointed that girls continue to be excluded from the heart of the superhero story. After unsuccessful attempts to find a young girl superhero protagonist on the pages of a book, especially one of color, she gave up. Then she created her own.

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