Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review: Breathe! Tai Chi Qigong for Children by Linda Tenenbaum

by Linda Tenenbaum
Eric Gilboord Publishing
ages 4+
48 pages

Introduction to an easy non memorized version of Tai Chi and Qigong for families to try together.

An interactive children's book illustrated with easy Tai Chi and Qigong exercises. Free Videos are available online to view.


Through  children friendly illustrations, nature grounded descriptions and links to easy to follow video clips, this is a wonderful way to guide children into the calming and strengthening world of Tai Chi and Qigong.

The book starts out with a few helpful words for adults on why and how kids can be introduced to this ancient exercise for body, soul and mind. After these beginning pages, the first simple exercises are introduced.

The text is kept short and simple, just right for especially elementary school aged children. Not only are the movements described in a way which kids can easily imitate and do them themselves, but the gentle, calming examples and inspirations are taken from nature. This creates a soothing atmosphere while grabbing back on scenes children can relate to and incorporate into their movements. There were a couple things, for example the energy centers, which are mentioned but not explained. So be prepared for questions in these areas.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, and kept very basic. Geometrically shaped characters make it easy to concentrate on the postures shown, while radiating a fun and playful atmosphere. 

One of the most helpful parts of this book are the links to short, video clips, where the movements are performed in real life. There were a couple movements (especially the water waves), which didn't come across clear in the written descriptions. Unfortunately. But with the aide of the link, the desired movement was easy to understand and follow. 

Summed up, this is a nice way to introduce kids to the world of Tai Chi and Qigong. There are a couple of things which aren't always clear, but thanks to the well done videos, kids and parents are sure to dive in without any troubles.  

And here she is. . .

Linda Tenenbaum resides in Toronto Canada. She is by training a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher. She has taught in community centers, hospitals, seniors' centers and privately for the past 20 years. She wrote and illustrated her first book, Breathe: Tai Chi Qigong for Children inspired by her grandson's interest in Tai Chi.

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