Sunday, December 4, 2016

Review: I Want to be a Monster When I Grow Up by M.T. Weber

by M.T. Weber
Picture Book
ages 3+
36 pages

The story of one little boy and his big imagination.


This is a cute book which dives into the wild world of a kid's imagination and shows just how monstrous it can get.

Hudson, a little boy, wants nothing more than to be a monster. A pretty scary one. But is it possible to really grow up to be one?

The monster grabs from the very first page and immediately throws the reader into the imaginary world. The descriptions of all monster traits are tons of fun and open up the vastness of how far kids' imaginations can go. But even Hudson isn't totally dumb, and the doubt of whether or not all dreams really coming true comes across without being slapped in the face too clearly. This, however, doesn't kill the amazing power of kids' dreams and how vivid they can become. The flow of a main plot seems a little disjointed at times, but kids are sure to like it.

The illustrations go right along with the story, bring Hudson's visions to life in all of their variety. These aren't done with over precision, and are colorful and fun. Kids will enjoy flipping through them and are sure to discover their favorite 'beasts' along the way.

And here he is. . .

Matt Weber has been editor-in-chief of Extreme How-To magazine since 2003. He is author of The Quick & Easy Home DIY Manualas well as the novel The Bull and the short story collections, A Dark & Winding Road and Seven Feet Under. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and kids. I Want to Be a Monster When I Grow Up is his first book for children.


cleemckenzie said...

I'm marking this one. I love the cover and I have a kid who would jump on this book!

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