Sunday, January 1, 2023

What's Coming in January and Starting Off 2023!


I'm barely holding back my excitement at starting a new book year! Yes, I do love beginnings, since it means that there all sorts of new reads to discover, worlds to get lost in, and characters to love and hate...or love to hate...or hate to love? Anyway, it's sure to be an amazing year.

I'm bringing back my beloved cover page tabs (divided into the 5 categories), since I'm a cover-fan. Plus, I'm hoping to have a monthly library read, since many (if not all) of us enjoy saving money where we can, and supporting libraries is always a great thing.

As always, I'm starting the year with a big pile of reads. This month appears to lean a little more to the serious side of life...but not always, of course. I have a few nonfiction and, in the YA end of things, there's going to be some deep digging...but with high tension woven right in. I have a few mysteries in the middle grade realm and an entire array of directions for the picture books.

So, let's get this year started!


I'm starting the year with the vast realm of possibilities as a pony tries to count stars and more. This is the newest edition to an already loved series. I'll be taking a peek at it on its release day, the 3rd.

Picture Book 

With a nod from Guatemala, this tale dives into themes such as gang violence, family, and the journey of a girl and her mother across South America to reach the US border, while being hunted down from those they thought were friends. It promises emotion, danger, tension, and heart. Find out more with me on the 6th.

Young Adult Contemporary


This one came out in October last year and is a successful debut from the author. I do love the cover and hope this one dives into a nice tale with history. We'll find out more together on the 9th.

Picture Book


I did have to do a double-blink when I heard the title on this does not sound pleasant. But I also got a tiny glimpse at the illustrations, and those woke my curiosity. I'm not sure what to expect in this one, but after that peek, I have no doubt it will be an unexpected ride. Join me on the 13th to find out more.

Picture Book


I was thrilled to get my hands on this read...mostly because I love the cover (I'm superficial like that). But no worries, this one sounds interesting, too. It mixes reality with a touch of Japanese myth and promises the dusting of magic along with tons of emotions and heart. I'm gliding into this one on the 14th.

Young Adult Magical Realism


Combining memoir and verse, this read takes a peek at a girl, whose family constantly moves from one home to another...until the return from a trip out-of-town finds them evicted and living long-term in a hotel. It's going to cover the problems of family, friends, and life as the girl steers through emotional moments are probably guaranteed. I'll be grabbing a tissue box and hitting this one on the 17th.

Middle Grade Memoir


I'm always on the prowl for well-done historical fiction, and this read appears that it might be just that. This one surrounds the only Puerto Rican unit in the US army and takes a look at their inspiring contribution during the Korean War. Learn something with me on the 19th.

Young Adult Nonfiction


It's mystery time! Can there be enough mystery? This is the 3rd in a series, which I haven't read yet (no surprise there). I'm thinking this one will steer into a little historical with some fun. It did appear in 2021, but I'm always ready for a fun read. If you haven't read this one, yet, pop up on the 20th to find out more.

Middle Grade Historical Mystery


We're going to dig into emotion, tensions, and some heart in this read as it takes a 17-year-old boy on a hunt to find his dad and keep his brother out of the foster-care system. I'm thinking this one might actually be pretty tense, since it involves a crime ring and the MC's attempt to dig through secrets to figure out what is father is up to. Discover more with me on the 23rd.

Young Adult Contemporary


This one is sold as Howl's Moving Castle meets Neil Geiman, both of which I'm a complete fan of. So, of course, I was willing to take a peek at this read and see if it holds everything it promises to...and that's a tall order. It takes place in an alternate past, somewhere between the Stone Age and the Metal Ages and involves a treacherous journey, sorcerers, and so much more. Find out all about it on the 28th.

Middle Grade Fantasy

Every month, I have more books on my TBR-pile then I can fit into the month (so many books and so little time!). And every month, I choose one of those 'extra' books and get ready to work them in as time allows (the publishing world is a very volatile place schedule wise). This month, the read I'm determined to get to is...


Promising to take young readers into the world of gnomes, this sounds like it will be a picture book to invite to dreams, fantasy, and imagination. According to the blurb, it introduces all sorts of gnome 'facts' to interest not only the younger readers but also adults. I'm hoping the illustrations will round off the fantasy to create an amazing atmosphere. But I have no idea when I'm going to find out...and even less of one as to when I'll be sharing this one with you. But it will be this month.

Picture Book


Ms. Yingling said...

Curious to see if Junkyard Dogs is too YA for middle school. May have to look at that one myself. Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

Tonja Drecker said...

Happy New Year to you! I'm not sure how rough this one will get, but the themes do appear to be pretty heavy. Guess we'll find out.