Monday, January 30, 2023

Today's read... Maggie and the Mountain of Light by Mark Snoad

Today's read heads in the science fiction direction but that with a unique twist. I found the blurb on this one interesting and was looking forward to see what this band of new found friends would be like. 
I don't really have a whole lot to let's just dive right in!

by Mark Snoad
Monarch Educational Services LLC
Middle Grade Science Fiction
256 pages
ages 8 to 12

APRIL 3rd!!!

A respected organization, a hidden purpose, a world-ending threat.

12-year-old Maggie Thatcher longs to be a courageous Wayfinder Girl. But that's not very likely; she is barely coping with life as it is, relying on her asthma inhaler, epi-pen, and the support of her best friend, Anahira Waititi.

Maggie and Anahira attend a Wayfinder 'apocalypse training' camp in London. Despite it being just for fun, the sight of a green-skinned person with other-worldly eyes sends Maggie into a panic, especially as it’s a person that only Maggie can see.

And then Maggie learns of a dangerous secret that the Wayfinder Girls have kept hidden from the world. Anahira wants in on the secret. Maggie must decide whether to join her friend, even if she has no idea what that decision will ultimately cost.

Will Maggie face her fears and journey into the unknown?



With the support of friendship and a wholesome, girl organization, this adventure opens up the world of multiverses in an unexpected and exciting way.

Maggie has been a member of the Wayfinders for years, but she's still not sure about the idea of an 'apocaypse' training camp, when she isn't exactly a 'rugged' person. With her medicine pack, epi-pen, special made meals, and best friend at her side, she embarks on the adventure, only to discover a green person staring back at her during the registration. No one else can see this being, which is very confusing. But when the four 'best' girls from the first camp day are told to attend a special meeting and Maggie, for very unclear reasons, is invited with them, she learns that there's a secret group running within the organization, whose purpose is to protect Earth from other realms and worlds. And she knows she's the last person who should be doing this.

I was surprised at how mild and normal the setting is before diving into science fiction and multi-worlds. First, there's a foreword, where the author explains what Wayfinders is and where it can be found (fact in reality, not fiction). Then, Maggie is introduced as she and her best friend attend a very normal camp (reminding me a tiny bit of Girl Scouts and such) and are quickly yet smoothly brought into this fantastic adventure. It's an odd mix of calm normalness with delightful aliens, pending end-of-the-word, impossible heists, working together, and friendship...and all of that with a girl, who isn't exactly an adventurous type and constantly needs to watch out for allergic reactions. And it works very well.

Maggie and her best friend make a wonderful duo and have an inspiring relationship, but then, their entire group is very good at working together. The entire 'fight the world against aliens' might involve high stakes, but it's still gentle enough that even the most sensitive readers won't feel uncomfortable. The aliens have a touch of silliness, and readers will wish they could meet these themselves. 

Of course, Maggie has a lot to learn about herself and must step out of her comfort zone to learn that she's capable of more than she thinks. But there's also a well-woven plot around the aliens and invasions, and this promises much more still to come.

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Mark Snoad said...

Hi Tonja! Thank you so much for reviewing Maggie and the Mountain of Light. I am so thrilled that you enjoyed it. The character of Maggie is based upon my eldest daughter's personal struggle with anxiety and food allergies. And she didn't stop that from preventing her from getting involved in the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) even to the extent of being awarded a Queen's Guide Award. Thanks again. I really appreciate it!! Mark Snoad (author)