Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Today's library read... Agatha May and the Anglerfish by Nora Morrison and Jessie Ann Foley

With a new year, I'm making a few tiny changes. One of those is the edition of a monthly peek at a read, which I picked up through our library. Even though I live very rural and visit a very small library, there are always many great reads to be discovered...and that even when finances are tight (because libraries are, usually, free). 

Today's read comes through Libby, a wonderful ebook extension which makes our little, local library that much better. Of course, this one is also available at all of the usual stores and sites...especially since it just came out beginning December. 


by Nora Morrison & Jessie Ann Foley
Illustrated by Mika Song
Dial Books
Picture Book
40 pages
ages 4 to 8

A funny, fish-filled story about the joys of learning, and the rewards that come with staying true to who you are

Agatha May just can't understand why her classmates aren't as crazy as she is about the hideous humpback anglerfish. But when a school assignment gives Agatha the chance to show everybody what they're missing, she single-handedly schools them all--and, in the process, discovers a passion for research and an exciting new dream for her future.

This book is perfect for dreamers, outside-the-box thinkers, and anyone who has ever felt like their special interest wasn't appreciated.


While these pages hold a fun and inspiring tale, they also sneak in information about sea life and the amazing things to be found under the ocean.

Agatha May is not the best student at school. She's not the neatest person. She even has trouble following rules. When the latest assignment orbits around choosing a fish and conducting a presentation, it might be exciting...if her bad grades didn't mean she would be the last to choose their topic. But her special interests also mean that no one chooses the fish she likes most. Finally, she has a theme, which she enjoys...and that may turn her life around. A little, at least.

Agatha May is an interesting character with more flaws than plus points...or so it seems. Listeners will feel for her and wonder about her as she slumps through class after class and does things to get her into trouble, which aren't really that naughty...just enough to bother the class. The beginning situation sets the stage to make it easy to cheer for her when things do flip her way. Her character makes the school scenes sit, but much of this is also due to the lively teacher, who takes Agatha's behavior in patient stride. 

The illustrations add the comical flair without losing the main thrust of the story. I did especially enjoy the way the Anglerfish is presented—information but with a tad bit of humor, too. The end of the book, which holds a valuable message, leaves the reader room to let their own dreams slide in.

I do find this one to be a great edition to classrooms, libraries and even homeschoolers.

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Natalie Aguirre said...

This sounds like a great story. I loved the cover. And I love Libby too.