Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Happy Book Birthday, This Book is My Best Friend by Robin Robinson!

What better way to end the month than with a book birthday? It's always a special treat to help announce the entrance of a new read to the shelves. This one just happens to be about books and, I'm guessing, friendship. I'm wondering if there will be a bit of back-and-forth between friends with tons of humor and an important lesson, too??? That's just my first gut reaction. So, let's see if I'm right.

by Robin Robinson
Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

When two young readers reach for the same book at the library, they set off on a charming romp through the stacks in this rambunctious and endearing picture book.

Sunny and Aarush both love to read. In fact, it is their favorite thing. For Aarush, a book is like a refuge for when you want to be alone. For Sunny, a book is like a companion that keeps you from being lonely. There is only one problem: they are best friends with the same book, and neither wants to share.

Clearly, one of them will have to find something else to read—but maybe they’ll discover something even better along the way. Could it be sharing is the best part of reading and friendship?



The love to read unfolds in its vast array of meanings in this fun tale about two boys and one book.

Two boys, who aren't named during the story but identified as Sunny and Aarush on the front flap, each have a favorite book at the library, but when they both try to check it out at the same time, there's a huge problem. The boys don't really know each other well, but each has a very good (and deep) reason as to why this book is so important to them. The discussion is on as to who gets it in the end.

This is a cute book with smiles, friendship, and some deeper meanings (which don't slam into the reader's face). These two boys are as different as different could be. When they both grab for the same book and neither is ready to give it up, the perfect tension is set. The boys present reasons for why this is their favorite book, which do draw sympathy. Both have issues at home, and one is as difficult as the other. Obviously, this message can pack quite a punch, even for adults, but while it hits home, it's not the concentration of this read. So, that's done marvelously.

The back and forth banter makes this read sit. The entire thing is written in dialogue and holds such a natural flow that it's fun to read. To help as a read-aloud (or for the beginner reader), the dialogue of each boy is written in a different font. 

The illustrations bring the emotions across very well, while making the scenes very recognizable. There's a slight sense of humor built in right along with the text to keep this from growing too heavy and remaining fun.

Rounded up, this is a fun book about friendship, which packs much more weight than is visible on the surface. And it does all of this in an entertaining way, which is just right.

And here she is...

Robin Robinson makes picture books and graphic novels for kids while living in a house that looks like someone threw a Halloween party in a library but forgot to clean up afterward. Robin likes both robots and rodents very much.

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