Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Today's read... Twistwood Tales by A.C. Macdonald

After the more serious tones this month, I desperately needed some silliness and ridiculous nonsense. Not only that, but I seem to be short on graphic novels this month. So, when I came across this read, I snatched up the chance to take a look at it right away. It's been getting great reviews and promises humor...the quirky type. And who couldn't use a few more laughs now and then?

by A.C. Macdonald
Andrews McMeel Publishing
Middle Grade Fantasy / Graphic Novel
160 pages
ages 8 to 12

APRIL 4th!!!

Come and join Bucket Boy and the whole Twistwood gang as they live their lives in the forest. Travel through a magical land and meet an enchanting cast of smart, snarky, and sweet characters from the popular webcomic, Twistwood Tales.

From the worrisome Loghead, to the not-so-helpful Dr. Crowley, to the terrifying Fairy-Gourd Mother, and many more, the forest of Twistwood contains plenty of kind and magical creatures. Follow along as the characters explore moral quandaries, discuss mental health, and more. An extended story details Bucket Boy's journey to learn that he is a valuable friend, whether or not he can be useful. Full of wholesome lessons and witty jokes, Twistwood Tales will enchant and amuse readers for years to come.



Quite a bit of ridiculousness, more than a few quirky characters, and even a moments with heart and kindness make this a fun read to enjoy from beginning to end. And then, to read again.

This is a collection of many small tales, each of which takes place in the same forest and centers around a group of unique characters. The situations are humorous, some with a hint of naughtiness while others are simply cute. The characters are varied and imaginative, and they are so easy to like. Even the 'bad' ones win over as their softer sides, are sometimes slightly exposed. It's humor with tons of quirks and tons of heart.

The short tales sometimes only take one page, while others last several. In general, they somewhat weave together just enough to make them fit. Some take more thought to understand the twist of humor, while others are pretty straight forward, varying from slap-stick to clever wit. The illustrations carry a rich world and let the fantastical end shine. They balance with the text to let not only the humor sit but also allow the friendship to shine through. While one silly and odd situation goes right into another, there's a warmth and care to the characters, which really pulls in and makes this a read to enjoy.

Not only middle graders will enjoy this one, but adults will find themselves flipping one page after the other too.

And here she is...

AC Macdonald created the charming series Twistwood Tales, which tells the stories of all the strange beings that live within the Twistwood Forest.

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