Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Today's read... The Hidden World of Gnomes by Lauren Soloy

 When I saw today's read, I immediately thought of my European friends because this is the type of read many of them would have immediately grabbed up for their own kids. It promises to hit the world of gnomes and introduce many aspects, which will make readers dream. If it's anything like I hope it is, this one will open a gateway into an imaginative realm and let readers sink in.

Oh, and this one is hitting my possible favorites of 2023 list!

by Lauren Soloy
Tundra Books
Picture Book / Activities
96 pages
ages 3 to 7

JUNE 20th!!!

A delightful introduction and collection of facts about the secret lives of gnomes that will charm and fascinate readers of all ages.

This book is an introduction to the hidden folk called gnomes, who live in a happy place they call The Pocket. Where is The Pocket, you ask?

Well, it’s all around you, all the time.

Gnomes are curious little creatures, and they’re very shy. But after reading this book, you will learn to spot the telltale signs that gnomes are around . . . and maybe even meet one!

Lauren Soloy has been studying gnomes her whole life, and she has created this book to share her knowledge with you. For example, what jobs do gnomes do? Babysitting robin's eggs, squirrel-tail fluffing, storytelling. Where do they live? In gardens, forests and any place with plants, birds and bugs. What are their names? Hotchi-Mossy, Able Potter, Cob Tiggy and Puckle Swift, to name a few.

With charming details and surprising facts, this celebration of all things gnome will enchant readers of all ages.



Gnomes and their magical world come to life and invite in with secrets, tales, activities and more.

This book is all about gnomes, every type, every habit, and every other aspect one might dream of. There are wood gnomes, flower gnomes, and so many more. While each one receives attention, this book takes several steps beyond a usual picture book tale and opens up an entire wealth of insight into the realm of gnomes. In other words, this author has done her homework and lets the knowledge flow with imaginative fantasy and fun.

Stories invite readers to dream of this magical world and introduce the gnomes with variety and cheerful thoughts. Gnome activities and thoughts, such as in lists for gnome words, keep things gently-playful and endearing. The activities, which include everything from costume making to recipes and much more, not only allow readers to touch into the 'gnome' world but also offer great activities for those days when they need something to do. These activities will need some adult assistance, but they are definitely do-able and offer some fun. 

The illustrations are lovely and enjoyable to flip through as each gnome and scene gains magical tones. Plus, the entire read holds words of encouragement, warmth, and gentle advice. So, it's a treasure chest of many things. 

This is an adorable book for those who love to tap into the mystic world or dream of gnomes hiding in their own yards. I do see this one as bringing a smile to many readers young and old.

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