Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Today's read... Noni the Pony Counts to a Million by Alison Lester

A new year means new possibilities, and what better way to represent that than by star-gazing? One thing I love about living in the middle of nowhere is the amazing night skies. There are more than a few evenings, where the Milky Way becomes visible with its millions of little lights in a strip above. So, when I was offered to take a peek at this read, I immediately found myself day dreaming about the wonders of stars and the vastness it entails.

by Alison Lester
Allen & Unwin
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Noni the Pony has a lot of fun counting everything she sees on a happy summer's day! You may have met Noni already in Noni the Pony, Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach and Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey.

Noni the Pony stands under one tree, and watches her two friends dance by the sea. She gives three speckled hens a ride up the hill… Come on another adventure with Noni in this delightful rhyming story.

Alison Lester's books are favourites with children and adults around the world. Magic Beach, Imagine, My Farm and Noni the Pony are Australian classics.

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59334860-noni-the-pony-counts-to-a-million
AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Noni-Pony-Counts-Million/dp/1760524395
INDIEBOUND: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781665922289


Counting comes across as easy and fun in this well-rhymed read with a pony to enjoy.

This is one of several books in the Noni the Pony series...and this is the first of these books I've taken a peek at, but I'll be taking the chance to look at more. Noni the Pony prances through the outdoors, visiting friends and discovering all sorts of things while counting along the way. The illustrations let each scene come across with an enjoyable energy. The various animals, creatures and things (everything from ladybugs to spots on other ponies) hit each scene naturally, making the visual 'counting' present without over-emphasizing. The playful side stays front and center, this way. 

The text is written in rhyme and flows extremely well without even a smidgen of hesitation or mini-stumble. It's short...only a phrase or so...and makes a nice read-aloud for even impatient listeners. It's a lovely way to get young readers counting and even goes beyond the usual 1-2-3 to demonstrate how vast hundreds, thousands and millions can seem in comparison.

And here she is...

Alison Lester has written and illustrated numerous children’s books. She has won many awards in her native Australia, including the Children’s Book Council of Australia Picture Book Award, and in 2011 she was named the Australian Children’s Laureate. Over her career she has produced such picture book classics as the Clive Eats Alligators series, the Noni the Pony series, Magic BeachImagine, and My Farm, and has written novels including The Quicksand Pony and the Bonnie and Sam series. Visit her at AlisonLester.com.

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