Sunday, October 31, 2021

What's Coming in November?

I'm enjoying my pumpkin treats, walks in the fresh air, and wooly sweaters, and, of course, I have another stack of books to review this month. I'm super-excited about some of the reads coming up in the next weeks because I do have some middle grade gems in my pile. And while the peek I'm giving you today doesn't show it, there's more than a couple cute, holiday picture books on the list, too. (I just didn't want to give you the impression everything is going to be too Christmas-y because it's not.)

Among nods toward the approaching holidays, I also have fantasy reads, romance, mystery...and...well, a little of everything. It's a broad spread in genres and a nice balance over all audience age groups (under 18, of course).

Grab that cup of warm tea because here's a peek!


The main character grabbed my attention on this one. She loves who she is and is popular. How often does that happen? It is a romance but with a whole new twist. Plus, there was no way I could ever say no to a cupcake. Visit this one with me on the 1st!

Young Adult Romance


Believe it or not, it's almost time for Thanksgiving...yeah, I'm not keeping up this year. Good thing this book is waiting for me to grab it up and take a peek because thankful is something we should always be. I'm looking forward to introducing this one on the 4th!

Picture Book


This is the sequel to the best-selling novel, Out of my Mind...which, of course, I never read because I seem to never start a series until book two arrives in my hands. This one has to do with summer camp, disabilities and tons of heart. Find out more with me on the 9th.

Middle Grade Contemporary


It's time for another nod toward the upcoming holidays...and what better way than with cornbread? (I do love a warm cornbread with butter and honey.) Take a peek at this one with me on the 11th.

Picture Book


A Thai-inspired, historical read with light fantasy and magic? There was no way I was going to skip out on this one! It's said to have an atmosphere similar to Les MisĂ©rables. With so much goodness wrapped into one book, I'm betting you won't want to miss this one when I present it on the 14th.

Middle Grade Light Fantasy



I actually did read the first book in this series and enjoyed it quite a bit. So, of course, I was going to grab up the 2nd one, too. I'm betting it's packed with adventure and, obviously, dragons. Fly into adventure with me on the 19th!

Middle Grade Fantasy


I've enjoyed the books from this author and am assuming that this one won't be any different. With thoughts of snow and winter, this one is said to be a modern day fairy tale...and that with beautiful illustrations. I'm excited to share this one with you on the 20th.

Picture Book


My homeschooled daughter is hitting American history this year. So, this read slips right in with it's American Revolution setting in 1779. Two boys are on adventure as they try to catch a spy. Take the dive into history with me on the 22nd.

Middle Grade Historical Fiction


I'm always light on the nonfiction end of things, which is really too bad since it's one of my favorite categories. This one takes a gaze at engineering accomplishments in the realm of buildings and structures. I'm hoping for tons of wonderful illustrations and well-done information. See if it accomplishes all of that with me on the 26th.

Middle Grade Nonfiction Picture Book


The second I read the description, I needed to read this one. It's about a young girl, who lives with a dysfunctional family in a house with someone stuck in the mirrors. There are secret messages, magical paint sets, and a very, mysterious stranger. It's the 1st in a series (see, I can do it!) Find out more on the 25th.

Young Adult Fantasy

There are a few more titles I'd love to shout-out already, but since I've reached my monthly ten-sneak-peeks, I'm going to keep my mouth shut. Oh, it's hard.

Luckily, I have a joker read, too!

Each month, my review scheduled is packed, stuffed, and over-flowing. So each month, I choose one book, which will be snuck in somehow because it simply looks too good to pass up on. When will I get to reviewing it? Well, that's the question, isn't it?


This one is not a romance (Surprise!) but centers around the main character, Wendy, her issues, and a cat, who holds a few surprises. There is a grandmother and heirlooms involved as well. So, this sounds like it could be a refreshing read. When can you discover more about it? Well, that's the thing...I don't know yet.

Young Adult Magical Realism

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