Saturday, October 9, 2021

Review: A Duck from Oregon Tries to Fly by The Duck


by The Duck
Translated by Nikki Navarro
Illustrated by Teigh Bowen
Picture Book
64 pages

Sometimes ducks fly, and sometimes they don’t. This is the exciting story of the day the Oregon Duck attempted to fly. A story of victory in the face of difficulty, this tale will inspire people of all ages.



A duck's extreme determination causes laugh-worthy moments, while teaching an important message.

Duck wants to fly. Unlike other ducks, he can't, and he'll try anything to get himself launched into the air and take flight. But one extreme attempt after the other leaves him fully planted on the ground. When no more possibilities cross his mind, he's sure everything is lost.

This is a book, which will draw laughs and giggles from young listeners. The duck has the craziest ideas to help him fly, and it's clear right away that they probably won't work and will end in disaster. Which they do, and that is when the humor really hits. It's hard not to feel for the duck as he finally wants to give up, but of course, there's a valuable lesson about friendship and helping each other to round it all off at the end.

The illustrations are bright, simple and let the humor hold front and center. The text is, for the most part, kept short. Only at the end, when things get more serious and sad, does the text get thicker, making it great for a read-aloud. The text is written in rhyme, which, honestly, wasn't quite my thing since it could have run a little more smoothly. But I highly doubt listeners will be even slightly irritated as they get lost in duck's silly attempts.

It's a cute book with a important message, and does entertain as well.

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