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Review: Parker Shines On by Parker Curry and Jessica Curry

It's tutus and ballet in today's review! This one is written and inspired by a mother-daughter pair and centers around...well, ballet. The adorable trio on the cover and their facial expressions caught my attention because I'm always a softy for sibling dynamics, and this book packs a lovely amount of that as well.

Ready to take a turn and a spin? 

Another Extraordinary Moment
by Parker Curry and Jessica Curry
Illustrated by Brittany Jackson
Aladdin Publishing
Picture Book
48 pages
ages 4 to 8


The New York Times bestselling team behind Parker Looks Up returns with an uplifting story about Parker making a new friend and learning about self-expression, opening your heart, and helping others.

Parker Curry loves being a big sister. She gets to play dress-up with her little sister, Ava, and piano with her baby brother, Cash. And Parker loves to dance, twirling and leaping and spinning in joy.

But when a dancer joins her class and needs her help, Parker wonders if she has what it takes to be not only a real dancer, but a real friend.

This inspirational picture book has an afterword by prima ballerina and New York Times bestselling author Misty Copeland.



Dancing joy mixes with sibling adventures to showcase a heart-warming balance, which beams from every page.

Parker loves her brother and sister, and enjoys spending time with them, but when a new girl at the ballet school makes each step and plie shine, Parker realizes that she'll need to practice more if she wants to achieve her dreams of becoming an amazing ballerina, someday. Unfortunately, that means she doesn't have as much time to play with her siblings...not to mention that they even get in the way. When the day of the recital finally arrives, she's surprised to see that the new girl, despite her talent, is afraid to go onto the stage. But maybe, that's exactly when having wonderful siblings might give the extra, needed edge.

Parker's energy and joy for life (as well as ballet) are impossible to miss, making her easy to like and connect with. Her love for her siblings and the fun they have playing together is inspiring. Even when they 'bother' Parker during her practice, there isn't even the touch of ill-feelings. Rather, Parker misses having the time to spend with them. So, this is a book with positive vibes pure.

The dance scenes with Parker will make ballet and dance fans smile. The basic terms are mentioned and the illustrations fit right along, allowing young ballet hopefuls to easily see themselves dancing, too. But then, this is a book, which also rotates around Parker's joy for dance. Even when the new girl is more advanced, Parker doesn't harbor negative thoughts. Rather, it pushes her to do better herself and realize that it takes practice to achieve something...and that it's not a right or handed over on a silver platter. The only thing, which made me raise an eyebrow, is the way in which the problem of stage fright was solved. It is caring and makes the heart feel warm, but I'm not sure it would go over well  with most dance teachers.

The illustrations are pretty, pink, and bring across the atmosphere and emotions wonderfully. The depictions of Parker and the others give everything a positive glow and inspire the entire way through.

The text is kept short, making it great for a read-aloud with even more impatient listeners. At the end, there is a short biography of each true-to-life ballet dancer, which has been shown in posters on the walls in the illustrations. This can be used in discussions with the listeners or is great as extra information for the caretaker.

And here they are...

Parker Curry, six years old, is a New York Times bestselling author and dynamic young mind with a love for ballet and reading. Currently, Parker is in first grade, where she loves to explore art and new books. Precocious Parker lives with her mother, father, younger sister, and baby brother. 

Jessica Curry Morton is a New York Times bestselling author, mom-favorite blogger, and work-at-home mama who lives with her husband and three children Parker, Ava, and Cash. Jessica's blog, Happy Mama, Happy Babies, is an authentic motherhood and lifestyle platform that shares her family’s adventures, growth chronicles, and everything in between.

Brittany Jackson (Bea for short) is a New York Times bestselling illustrator who attended the College for Creative Studies and is the grand prize winner and returned alumni of L. Ron Hubbard’s Illustrator of the Future Award of 2007. Bea has worked in freelance as a character and outfit designer for various social networking and gaming platforms for more than eight years, though she is most publicly known in publishing as an illustrator.

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