Monday, October 25, 2021

Review: Waffles and Pancakes: Planetary-YUM by Drew Brockington


by Drew Brockington
Little Brown Books
Children's Graphic Novel
64 pages 
ages 6 - 9


Inspired by his beloved CatStronauts series, Drew Brockington is going back in time to when everyone's favorite Catstronaut, Waffles, was a kitten!

One very special Saturday, Dad-Cat decides to take Waffles and his sister Pancake to the big city to go to the science museum! While they're there, the kittens see extraordinary things, like dino-cats, hairballs in 4D, and even the planetarium. But as the kittens learn about constellations and Neil Pawstrong, they get separated from Dad-Cat. Oh no!

Will the kittens be able to find their (possibly invisible) Dad-Cat? Or will they get stuck living in the museum and eating star tots and tuna melts fur-ever?!



Science museums and space gain a boost of excitement and fun in this fun to read adventure.

Dad-Cat announces that it's time to head to head to the science museum. Waffles and Pancake are amazed by all of the different sights to see, facts to learn, and things to experience. But when the get separated from Dad-Cat, things take an interesting turn.

This is a lovely, beginning reader for those who are comfortable with words but aren't quite ready for a middle grade novel yet. Waffles and Pancakes are a cute pair, who have a touch of mischief but also a wonder for discovery. In other words, they are very easy to like and connect with. Dad-Cat is a fun adult, who knows exactly how to put in the right burst of surprise and excitement to keep the two entertained. It's a lovely, family dynamic.

The illustrations are great for the audience level, have enough details to enrich the scenes, and carry as much of the tale as the text. The text is placed in easy to ready bubbles and does have sound effects and fun moments. There are facts sprinkled in, but those are kept light, letting the fun of the tale stay front and center.

My favorite aspect of this book is the way the author illustrated how fun science and a science museum can be. This does not surpass the main plot of Waffles and Pancakes, and yet, it flows constantly right along just a little off in the background. The author has added a museum map as the three move from one area to the next. Not only does this allow the reader to get a feel for museum layouts and follow them along, but it shows how wide and broad the displays, activities, and sights are in a science museum...something for everyone.

Young readers will enjoy this duo and their adventure, and learn something about science along the way.

And  here he is...

Drew Brockington has flown a Space Shuttle, repaired the International Space Station, and served in Mission Control; all during a week at Space Camp. CatStronauts is his first series. He lives with his family in Minneapolis.

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What a fun little book. We'll look for it. Thanks for sharing.