Monday, October 4, 2021

Review: Let's Play Outside by Pat Rumbaugh

 We're starting off the week with a call to play outside! Today's book is written by the co-founder of Let's Play America and brings to life the joy (and importance) of playing outside. 

by Pat Rumbaugh
Photographs by Daniel Nakamura
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

The world has so much for children to explore and discover. There's no better way to see it all--and grow with healthy bodies and curious minds--than by getting outside and playing! Playing outside is fun to do with family or friends, and is a great opportunity to embrace new and exciting experiences. With this book, youngsters can discover many different ways to enjoy the outside--at a playground, in a park, in safe neighborhood streets, or in one's own backyard--including running, biking, swinging, hula-hooping, doing handstands, and exploring. There's no shortage of play activities to choose from! Featuring bright photos of children in motion from mixed backgrounds and abilities, this read-aloud book will inspire young ones everywhere to get outside and play in their surroundings. Author and play expert Pat Rumbaugh offers helpful resources to promote successful play, including suggested activities, play locations, and rules. Let's Play Outside! is a marvelous way to excite and encourage children and adults alike to get outside and play! 



Every page is a celebration of playing outside and the fun it brings.

This book is put out by the co-founder of Let's Play America and centers around the enthusiasm for playing outside. The book is chucked full of bright and lively photographs, each one depicting various kids on the playground or enjoying games outside. It's vibrant, full of energy, and definitely inspires. 

The photographs show everyday kids enjoying outside play activities, and this with a broad diversity. Their smiles and determination radiate from every page, making the positive atmosphere impossible to miss. Young readers will be familiar with all or, at least, most of the activities and playground equipment. I can see them picturing themselves doing the same thing or recalling memories and experiences they enjoyed while playing outside. 

The text follows the photos and seems to grow in length and complication as the book goes on. But it's still well suited to the age group. It encourages and tries to bring across excitement with a bit of explanation. The photos, though, definitely carry this book

At the end of the book, there are hints and suggestion surrounding the possibilities for kids to play outside. Especially caretakers will enjoy this last part and possibly find ideas they want to incorporate themselves.

And here they are...

Pat Rumbaugh, affectionately known as “The Play Lady,” is the cofounder of Let’s Play America, an organization that brings play to all ages, everywhere. Pat has led two TED talks and conducted numerous interviews on the importance of play. She has encouraged all ages to play since she started her thirty-year career as a physical education teacher. In 2018, Pat received the Heisman Trophy of Play and the National Youth Development Award.

Daniel Nakamura, cofounder of Let’s Play America, took all of the sunshine-filled photographs.


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Heather N. Quinn said...

This looks like a fun book! My granddaughter loves photos of kids playing, so we'll definitely look for this one. Thanks!