Friday, October 15, 2021

Review: Simon's Search for the Scary Dragon by Stephen G. Bowling

It's another packed review day with two books hitting the spotlight. With all of the holidays, I've been finding one amazing read after the other, and just couldn't turn some of them away. So, I let my review pile stack up to new heights (silly me!) and will just have to squeeze a few more in. 

Today's read caught my attention thanks to that beautiful cover. I love the dragon in the tree...or is it the tree? See? I was more than curious to see what this one would hold. 

And I'm going to keep my mouth shut, now, because everything else is in the review below.

by Stephen G. Bowling
Illustrated by Vitali Dudarenka
Valley of Mexico
Picture Book
25 pages
ages 4 to 8

Simon decides to find the Scary Dragon. What he finds may surprise you.

Simon, a young bird, has heard all the rumors about a Scary Dragon that flies around the barn. He decides to look for it and asks his barnyard friends if they have seen it. No one can help until the wise Owl tells him who might know. Will Simon find the Dragon? Will it be as scary as he has heard? Find out in Simon’s Search for the Scary Dragon, the second book in the illustrated Simon’s Tree House Adventure Series.



Gorgeous illustrations makes this cute adventure one to love and revisit again and again.

Simon has heard all sorts of rumors and whispers about a scary dragon as he spends his day flying around the farm. So, he's decided it's time to see it for himself. With a protective pop-bottle lid bound to his head, he heads on his quest to find the dragon, visiting the various animals along the way in hopes they may assist him. But he may not discover what he expected he would.

Can I just say I love the illustrations in this book? Honestly, these are enough (really that lovely) to gain a full five stars. These are done with love and detail and allow each scene to open up the door to Simon's world and adventure. I smiled at every one and could sink into them time and again. So, these alone would make this a book to keep on the shelves and read to each round of children which comes through.

Now, for the tale itself. It's a cute, sweet and very nice tale with traditional feel and a true story for the age group. There aren't any hidden agendas and makes a lovely read for story time. The entire thing is written in very clear rhyme. I wish it hadn't been, since this story could have worked very wonderfully without that. But for rhyme fans, it's a treat. There were one or two spots where it stumbled a tiny bit, but it was still enjoyable. 

Summed up, I'm a bit torn on this one...but just a tiny bit. The illustrations shoot this one into the 'must have' category, the tale and character go right in there with it, but the rhyming style wasn't quite my thing...although it does work and I have no doubt kids will enjoy it. So, thumbs up on this one.

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