Friday, October 15, 2021

Happy Book Birthday, Purgatory by Dirk Stevens!

I've got a Halloween treat for the 2nd review today. This one comes from a new author and caught my attention yesterday...on release day! It's short, thrilling, and completely unexpected...everything to make an amazing Halloween tale.

But go ahead and see for yourself.

by Dirk Stevens
YA/NA Paranormal
46 pages

Lil's single mistake ends her engagement, and her life. Now forced to haunt the man she loves, Lil struggles to find a way to keep him alive


Short, grabbing, and leaves off with a lingering impression...this is a short-tale, which fits the need for an engaging, thrilling, quick-evening read.

It was supposed to be a fun evening at a Halloween party with her finance and friends at her side, but when Lil runs into someone from her past, she makes a mistake, which ruins her life in an instant...and then, through a tragic event, death even steals that away. Left with tons of regret and the knowledge that all of this might be more than her beloved finance can take, she doesn't cross-over into the afterlife but hopes she can find a way to keep him from the decision she knows he'll make—joining her in death.

This tale takes place in early college years but is completely appropriate for the young adult audience and will even resonate with them as well as the older, new adult crowd. It starts out with older teen fun, Halloween, and a fraternity party, stringing along with usual teen drama. But the switch on this atmosphere flips when disaster hits, shifting the story onto an entirely different path. Emotions weave with secrets, spells, ghosts, and a hidden darkness in a way, which makes it easy to connect with the characters, while never knowing what will really happen next.

The author keeps the tale gripping from beginning to end, making this a story which can't be put down...nor does it need to at only forty-six pages. To say that the ending is unexpected and a treat is an understatement. It's great for a Halloween nibble or those who simply want a quick jaunt into a more gothic tale.

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