Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Review: What Can Hayes Be? by Kayce Smith


by Kayce Smith
Illustrated by Walter Policelli
Mascot Books
Picture Books
38 pages
ages 4 to 8

He could be a ninja doing high kicks! He could be a magician with lots of tricks! He could be a hypnotist with a powerful gaze! He's the one, the only, legendary Hayes! What could you be if you had no limits? Jump into the imaginative world of one fiery six-year-old with an extra something special a leg of steel! From one adventure to the next, join him in discovering that what makes us different is what makes us special. To learn more about Hayes's journey, visit whatcanhayesbe.com and follow us on Instagram @whatcanhayesbe.



Possibilities know no bounds when it comes to all the things this boy might become.

Hayes is a boy with a special ability. He has a steel leg and get to exchange it for a new one every now and then. It's like his future —full of possibilities. He can be a baker, a magician, and so many more things. Even space isn't the limit.

Inspiration shines bright in these pages, not only showing that Hayes...a child with a disability...can be anything he wants to be, but that all kids have their futures open to them. I enjoyed the flip through the huge variety, some serious and some simply fun. The illustrations shift nicely with each dream and portray Hayes completely immersed in each scene. 

The writing and story fits well to the intended age group and offers a very positive atmosphere the whole way through. It is written in rhyme with a vocabulary fitting to the age group as well. Expressed vocabulary words are written in a different color than the rest of the text so they stand out. The entire thing is in rhyme and flows smoothly most of the time. It does make a nice read aloud or is appropriate for beginner readers to try to tackle on their own as well.

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