Friday, June 11, 2021

Review: Moon-Force 1 by Janelle M. Adams

Today, I have a couple indie science fiction reads on the review list. The second is a slightly more difficult chapter book, which is especially great for ages 7 to 9, and would work very well as a nightly read-aloud. It travels more in a fairy tale type of direction, while having evil queens, princesses and planets.

Let's take a peek! 

by Janelle M. Adams
Children's Science Fiction
77 pages
ages 6 to 10

How can Mesa defeat Mirwilla and save her planet when she doesn't even remember that she is a princess?
Mesa White is a teenage girl who lives a normal life with her mom and dad, Mr. & Mrs. White. At least that's what she thought. When she meets a boy named Ethan, he takes Mesa to a magical land beyond the clouds! He claims she is the princess of a planet named Satellite! It was up to her to defeat someone named Mirwilla who took over her home planet Satellite, turned Ace against Satellite, and exploded Lightis!
Will she trust Ethan? Will she find her powers that Ethan claims will save her planet? And if she does, what are her powers? It's all up to her to find answers about her past, save her friends and family, and find the true magic inside her before it's too late!



Adventure and science fiction meld into a fun tale about a princess, who needs discover her true self to save those she loves.

This book would make a lovely, nightly read-aloud. The first chapter sets the stage and background, reading much like a fairy tale. Then, in the second chapter, the characters gain personality and the true adventure begins. 

Imagination runs high as this one travels between far-away worlds, princesses, and evil queens. Mesa is a sweet girl with a big heart, who has many friends and family. She's easy to connect to and fun to root for, right along with Ethan. I suggest this one as a read-aloud because it's the type of read to let dreams and imagination take flight, which will especially come to life when hearing it told by a loved one. 

Those readers, who are sure of their words but not ready for longer tales, will find the short chapters and quick pace as well as the short length ideal. The vocabulary is at their level, yet still introduces a few tougher words every now and then. It's an easy read with tons of adventure and will have princess and planet friends curious what might happen next.

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