Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Review: #1 Dad by Cindy Jin

Today's review is a nod to a special day coming up this weekend—Father's Day! 
This one is a fun board book...because it's been awhile since I had one of these on Bookworm for Kids. Plus, this book is a 'lift-the-tie' book, meaning the young listeners will have the chance to lift a tie on every page and see what's underneath. I've always had a soft spot for books with little extras like this.
And it definitely celebrates dads.

Ready to lift a tie with me?

 #1 DAD
A Lift-the-Tie Book
by Cindy Jin
Illustrated by Dawn M Cardona
Little Simon
Board Book 
14 pages
ages 2 to 5

Inspired by the classic “dress shirt and tie” Father’s Day gift, this novelty book featuring tie-shaped lift-the-flaps celebrates the special bond between father and child by highlighting all kinds of fun, wacky ties for Dad!

From the favorite foods that dads make for breakfast to the handy things in any dad’s tool kit, each tie design highlights the ways dads play an important role in their child’s life. Featuring simple rhymes about all the cool things dads do, each spread includes a tie-shaped flap that little ones can lift to find fun trophies to award Dad—from #1 Fixer Upper to #1 Hairstylist!

The perfect way to show appreciation for all dads, father figures, and fathers-to-be in your life, this book is a sweet reminder for every dad that proves that they are, and will always be, World’s #1 Dad in their children’s eyes.


                                         * created for smaller hands
                                         * celebrates fathers
                                         * ties to lift up and discover something underneath


Father's gain a well-earned spotlight, while giving young listeners a chance to discover things on their own.

This books is a celebration of fathers. Every page shows a father and something he does for his kids, but these roles aren't always the traditional ones kids might expect. While Dad does fix things and such, he also does fun things which will make listeners helping a daughter to do her hair. The scenes are varied and listeners are sure to be familiar with more than just one or two of them.

The pictures are bright and bold, and bring across each scene with love and, sometimes, a bit of humor. The large neckties on the right side can be lifted to discover an item underneath. This item give more than a nod to a wonderful dad and help listeners realize all the things their fathers really do for them. It's a great read-aloud as well as a book to be explored on its own. It definitely is a hit for father figures to read with their own little ones...and possibly gain a hug or two as well.

And here they are...

The Author...
Cindy Jin edits and writes books for children. She lives in New York City.

The Illustrator...
Dawn M. Cardona is a self-taught illustrator who has been cutting out her intricate and playful illustrations by hand since she discovered her love for paper in 2004. She currently lives and works out of her home in Hawaii.

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