Thursday, June 3, 2021

Review: Riley Madison Discovers the Superpower of a List by June Akers


by June Akers
Illustrated by Riley Akers
Author Academy Elite
Chapter Book
ages 6 to 10

Have you ever gone to brush your teeth but ended up looking like you should be in the circus? Or maybe you meant to go find your shoes but instead you won a hula-hoop contest? Do you ever have trouble staying focused on one particular task or completing things like homework, chores, or remembering all the things you are supposed to do in any situation... even something like getting ready for school in the morning?

Riley Madison does. She finds herself in all kinds of funny situations because of her overactive brain. She is always busy, but is often doing everything except what she is supposed to be doing. There are way too many fun distractions in her world. Join Riley Madison in this book as she discovers the superpower that helps her stay on task and avoid embarrassing chasing the bus in a tutu and only one cowgirl boot!

This book is a funny children's chapter book that teaches superpowers kids can use to help them focus, pay attention, and complete tasks.
It's a page turner that kids will not want to put down.



                                           * packed with humor
                                           * lovely family and friend relationships
                                           * illustrations
                                           * larger print for easy reading
                                           * suggests lists as possibility to gain focus


A spunky and lively girl's busy mind keep humor high in these pages, while bringing across an important message.

Summer break has ended, and it's time for Riley to head back to school, but with her busy (and easily distracted) mind, she barely is able to get dressed and make it to the school bus in time. Her best friend is waiting for her, and despite worries, Riley is excited to start a new year with her. But Riley's inability to remain focused causes one silly situation after the other until someone makes a useful suggestion to help her out.

Although it's not mentioned, it doesn't take much to realize that Riley is dealing with an attention disorder. Her mind is everywhere, and the author does a wonderful job at letting Riley's thoughts ramble in all possible directions without every allowing boredom to sneak in. Riley is sweet and likeable, and super cheerful...a girl easy to like. This endearing nature paves the path to make her wandering thoughts intriguing although it's clear they are a little all over the place. 

Humor dribbles nicely into the well paced read, making it an easy to read chapter book. The font is slightly on the larger size, which will help beginning readers, and there are cute illustrations sprinkled in as an extra treat. Readers, who have a fairly good grip on their words, will enjoy this one and find Riley fun to follow as she learns that lists might just be what she needs to make sure she gets those things done, which need doing. 

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