Sunday, June 13, 2021

Review: I Am Different by Crystel Patterson


Inspired to be...
by Crytsel Patterson
Illustrated by Briana Young
Picture Book 
36 pages
ages 4 to 8

Ekon, Nia, and Malachi are constantly reminded of their differences. Some people tease them, but their family and friends compliment their qualities that make them different. With the mixed reactions they receive, they each wonder who they should believe and come to an empowering resolution.



                                        * empowering message of self-worth
                                        * adds questions to aid in discussions
                                        * definitions/explanations for certain terms


This is a book which empowers young readers to love themselves for who they are and not always listen to those who might tease them for things, which are different such as race, hair styles and such.

From the title and cover, it's clear what message this book holds at its core—empowerment to like ones self. While this is not a rare message in the kidlit sphere, I did appreciate how the author not only illustrates various daily situations, which readers can identify with, but also offers questions to each one, which act as prompts to open up to further discussion. This makes it an ideal read for group situations and for those who are already addressing the topic in a broader realm.

The book is written in rhyme and flows well. It presents three different kids as they face ridicule and teasing, but these then find support with their family and friends, who embrace them with love and warmth. It's wholesome and offers a very positive atmosphere. I, personally, would have liked to have seen a bit more diversity on this end (there are more kids with other aspects besides just these three which face the same problem) but this is just me, and this book does fulfill its purpose well and bring across the message clearly. I also found the glossary at the end a nice touch as it explains/defines various terminology used. But then, this isn't a difficult read and very age appropriate as it is.
This is a well done read, which does offer a very positive atmosphere to a sometimes tough situation. Readers will have no trouble understanding it and will be lead to broadening their own thoughts as well.

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