Friday, June 11, 2021

Review: Star Beasts by Stephanie Young

I have one last review to wrap up our science fiction binge. This one is not an indie read but rather a graphic novel from a growing press.  I loved the mix of animals, humor, and fast-paced adventure, and imagine that more than one or two young readers might enjoy this one too.

Ready for one last spin through the stars before calling it a day?

by Stephanie Young
Oni Press
Children's Graphic Novel / 
Science Fiction
208 pages
ages 7 to 10

AUGUST 17th!!!

A cosmic mix of laughs, loyalty, and adventure, Star Beasts is ideal for fans of ZootopiaMouse Guard, and Tiny Titans

Wanna know the real reason Pluto isn’t a planet anymore?

Bandit is a pup on Earth who leaves his family to join the secret order of the Star Beasts – cosmic creatures sworn to protect Earth and spread goodness throughout the universe. Only thing is, he's having trouble fitting in. But when powerful relics are suddenly stolen, the Star Beasts must band together to find the deadly galactic fossils before Pluto’s evil emperor, Khaos Krill – he wants to build the Novataur, an ancient monster that could wipe out all of Earth’s species!

Captain Bandit leads the crew on a kick-asteroid space race to collect all the relics. Flashtista, the warrior turtle, Clio, the goldfish historian, Karma, the healing tiger, Pep, the techie iguana, and the rest of Star Beasts risk their lives to learn that true family is never really lost and that protecting love is the greatest duty of all.

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Animal lovers who love tons of action, a little bit of corny humor, and zapping between planets to save the world are going to adore this one.

Captain Bandit was a normal dog with a wonderful owner, but he's so much more than a good pal. He's a fresh captain with the Star Beasts, a group of highly selected animals, whose job it is to keep the world safe from alien issues. As a new captain, though, he's more than nervous to take on his first mission, especially when it lands him in an attack by the Crocs. No one can believe the true allies would suddenly attack like that, but then, no one ever dreamed they'd join the Krill of Pluto. Their mission is to destroy humanity, and while Captain Bandit isn't sure he should be a captain at all, he has no choice but to save the planet or lose everything he loves.

This is such a fun mix of animals and space adventure. The first pages touch the heart with a true blue dog, who has to sadly leave his owner for a space mission. It's hard not to want to hug Captain Bandit and wish him well. His ship's crew is just as fun—a broad variety of animals with tons of personality and quirks. Tension flies between them right along with humor, guaranteeing more than a giggle or two.

Then, there's the action. So much action. This might be a read for more beginner readers (ages 6 to 10) but that doesn't mean it slows down. The text is simple to read with some higher-terms and ideas thrown in to teach the reader, too. The plot, while holding high stakes and edge-of-the-seats moments, still remains right in tune with the age level. The Krill are dangerous and evil, and they are a force not to be ignored, but Captain Bandit's crew is a group with their own capabilities...even if it takes them a bit of back and forth to get that far. Add dinosaur bones, lasers, sloths, dazzle matter, stinky lemurs, and...well, it's not a boring mix.

I enjoyed this one and had no trouble reading it in one sitting, and loving each and every single animal along the way.

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