Monday, June 21, 2021

Review: More Ryan's World of Science by Ryan Kaji

I'm going to start this week with a bit of inspiration, and something for kids to do during these summer months. Anyone who knows Ryan's World on Youtube will recognize this one right away. 

This is the second book in the series, and nope, I did not check out the first one first. And that doesn't matter because this one is all about science and easy-to-do experiments. 

Ready to learn more? 

Ready To Read, Level One
by Ryan Kaji
Simon Spotlight
Children's Non-Fiction
32 pages
ages 4 to 6

JUNE 29th!!!

Join Ryan and his mom, a former science teacher, in conducting three experiments that you can do at home with this Level 1 Ready-to-Read all about science.

Ryan loves learning about science! Readers will love conducting three simple and eye-catching experiments: cooking in a solar oven made of cardboard and aluminum foil, recreating a rain cloud with shaving cream and food coloring, and making ice cream in a plastic bag. Each experiment comes with age-appropriate explanations of the science behind the experiments, as well as step-by-step instructions so readers can recreate the experiment at home using household products!

The book includes a special letter from Ryan’s mom to parents and caregivers about why learning science is important for young children.

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                               * 3 easy to understand and create experiments
                               * bright illustrations
                               * clear directions
                               * easy to read for beginner readers a little sure of words
                               * written in entertaining way


When I picked this one up, my own (early teen) kids groaned, but they knew Ryan's World...which is more than I did (Yes, I'll admit that).

This is the second book to come out, which shoots off from the Ryan's World on Youtube. I have not read the first one, but that is necessary since this one is all about experiments. Children ages four to six are the target of this one, and the text does fit well to first/learning readers. The fond is very large, making it easy to read, and there is only a sentence or two on each page, while the science behind the experiments is being explained. The experiments themselves will need an adult's help, but these are still ones kids can do on their own (when everything is explained and prepared for them.)

There are several things I enjoyed about this one. Firstly, the theories behind the experiments are just at the level for a quick explanation, which is easy for the age group to understand. And this is written more from Ryan's point of view, which gives it a personal touch. The entire thing is accompanied with bright yet simple illustrations, with Ryan present in each one. These do help to support the explanations. Lastly, the experiments are simple but still fun ones that I've done with my own kids in the past...and they enjoyed. While an adult will have to help the child 'read' through the directions and get the items together, it's nothing difficult. The items are pretty much usual, every day things found in many households...and if not, they aren't hard to obtain. One takes a little time, but it's a great way to fill up some hours with something valuable during summer break.

The only small criticism I have is that there are only three experiments, and while this guarantees boredom stays away, it also doesn't provide as much entertainment/learning possibilities as it could. A couple more would have made it perfect.

Still, this is a well done little book, which teaches a few valuable science facts along the way. It's definitely geared to the intended age group and, if nothing else, provides fun activities.

And here he is...

Ryan Kaji’s parents created Ryan’s World in 2015. They both saw how much Ryan loved recording fun and educational videos, and these videos still take viewers on new adventures today. The channel has since become one of the largest kids’ channels on YouTube in record-breaking time, boasting more than 22 million subscribers and 29 billion video views (and growing). Beyond YouTube, Ryan and his family launched the Ryan’s World global merchandise brand and star in Nickelodeon’s Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. Come visit Ryan and his friends at

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Natalie Aguirre said...

This sounds like a great book, though I wish it had more experiments. I hadn't heard of the YouTube channel but will check it out.