Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Review: The Art of Words by Robert Vescio

Today's review hits on something near and dear to the heart of Bookworm for Kids— children and words. When I first saw this one, I wasn't sure what direction it would take, but I have read several books from this publisher and know they usually have wonderful reads. This one did not disappoint.

Ready to have some fun with words?

by Robert Vescio
Illustrated by Joanna Bartel
Picture Book
32 pages
ages 4 to 8

Words are everywhere! Come on this lively adventure to learn more about how they can be shortened, extended, and even switched around. Meet ugly words, colourful words, and words that just need a friend.

The Art of Words is a unique, fun and interactive story about the magic of words. Two children and their adorable dog are illustrated playfully interacting with letters and words, and discovering myriad word functions and capabilities. Typography is a major feature and each page shows words that are scaled, coloured, and positioned to enhance their meaning and reflect the interplay of their verbal and visual aspects.

At only 100 words, this ‘language through adventure’ book is intended to excite young children about language, especially the joy of words and their capabilities. Visually, it depicts an imaginative natural world with abundant greenery, stars, animals and flowers, and children engaging in sports, adventure and STEM! The illustrations aim to embrace and depict diversity in gender and race and cater to varied literacy levels. The font choices are simple and clear, to ensure beginning readers can engage confidently.

Children, parents, carers and teachers alike will delight in this quirky celebration of the joy and power of words. Readers will come to appreciate the joy of making stories from words, and will be reminded that even books that teach can be fun!



Words are showcased in these pages with so much versatility and excitement, that it's hard not to get caught up in the fun.

First off, this one is beautifully illustrated. Each pages, while presenting a word, lets positive vibes flow as kids simply have fun presenting words. There are small details and simpler scenes as well. It's enjoyable to discover what comes next and gaze at the artwork time and again. But the main focus of this one still remains the words, and each illustration builds them in, melding them into the picture while keeping them clear for the reader to see.

This is simply a celebration of words. It hits upon all sorts of attributes words can have from length to purpose and beyond. Each time, the text is kept very concentrated and short, letting just a word (or a few) take full effect. They are whimsically used in different styles, colors and ways as they become part of the illustrations. Each one is easy for beginner readers to understand...especially when this book is used as a read aloud.

This is a lovely way to help raise enthusiasm for reading and writing, and simply using words. 

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