Saturday, June 26, 2021

Review: Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence by Hazano Kazutake

It's Manga time! Since these are not to think away from the literary world (and rightly so!), I'm trying to get a couple of these in...along with a graphic novel or two...every month. Today's manga was re-released this last week and slides along romance with a tiny touch of paranormal. 

Ready to take a peek?

Volume 1
by Hazano Kazutake
Kodansha Comics
YA Romance / Paranormal
174 pages

Saint Cecilia is beloved by the townspeople—not only is she elegant and composed, she benevolently shares her wisdom with all who seek it. That is, until the last person has left—at which point she becomes totally hopeless! Only Pastor Lawrence, is keeping the Saint put together enough to do her duties...and though she may test him, it's all in a day's work!



Being a saint gains an entirely new perspective in this super-sweet romance, which has a blissfully slow build.

Saint Cecilia showed up at the small town church with no where to go. So, Pastor Lawrence had no choice but to fulfill his duty and take her in. While she is pretty, extremely kind, and carries miraculous blessings, her quirks (unknown to the townspeople) keep the pastor on his toes.

Set in a more historical setting, this one rotates around a simpler life and a small town church, which is quaint and pure. The illustrations bring across the setting and emotions well without ever delving into too much detail. They are easy to follow and make each character sympathetic...and have the reader wishing they could jump right in. The text is well set and never confusing.

This is cute, sweet, shy romance in every shape and form. Saint Cecilia might have her quirks, but they are gentle ones which never let her sainthood near any questionable borders. Still, they are exactly those kind of innocent oddities, which can make someone like Pastor Lawrence's life a little strenuous. While I wondered at the constant coddling from his side, toward the end of this book, a bit more is revealed which balances the pair's workload out. And it hints at more interesting things to come in the rest of the series, which is good because it needs an extra push.

Anyone who enjoys very timid, slow romances will adore this one...and they better be in for almost only romance with light humor thrown in. There isn't much plot otherwise, and the entire volume is pretty much a back and forth between the two...although another character does enter in more strongly toward the last third. This volume, I assume and sincerely hope, simply sets the tone for the Saint and the Pastor and solidly builds the foundation of their personalities and relationship before the series heads into slightly more exciting directions. While fun to read, it could use just a tad bit more of pizzazz on the plot end, and the slight hints at the end suggest that more is to come. In any case, it was a quick, easy, enjoyable read.

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