Thursday, October 10, 2019

Yikes! Santa Claus Is In His Underpants! 50 Accessories and Outfits by Ed Carosia

50 Accessories & Outfits to Get Him Dressed Before December 25th
by Ed Carosia
Schiffer Publishing
Children's Holiday / Craft
16 pages
ages 4 and up

Yikes! Santa's in his underpants! It's almost time for Santa Claus to deliver presents, but he can't find his suit! Quickly detach and choose from among the 50 accessories and outfits provided. Total rock look, coat and red cap, or even the Easter Bunny . . . You choose, stick, take off, and start again to find the best outfit before Christmas!


With a giggle, and maybe a snort, dressing up Santa turns into silly fun with tons of possibilities to keep one outfit more interesting than the last.

The Santa is large and offers a nice surface to work with even for smaller hands. The paper is thick and coated to keep it robust enough for several uses. Each piece needs to be punched out

 and while not difficult, younger kids will need a little assistance, especially on items with thinner  parts such as the Easter basket. Two sheets of circular pieces of tape like fasteners are there to keep the pieces in place and also easy to use.

The cover already had me wondering and my kids giggling...Santa in his underwear..and skimpy ones at that! But that is part of the fun. The kids had the pieces punched out or two of the more delicate ones took a rip...but soon, they were creating outfits and seeing who came up with the best 'Santa suit'. We did not use the tape tabs, but rather left Santa lying on the table and kept the parts laying in place. We did try the tabs, but weren't huge fans. Instead, my daughter decided they made great repair strips for those tiny rips, which did happen. And they do.

This was a fun project and the kids kept coming back to it to re-do Santa's look as the day went on (I left it on the table). Each time, they'd call me or their sibling over to get their opinion. The only thing we missed was a pouch to keep the pieces in, since the book is ready for the trash can after all the parts have been punched out. While this isn't something children will probably adore and keep forever, it does offer a fun activity for little sittings every now and then. We'll certainly be using it again at least once before the holidays...and I have no doubt that my children will show it to their friends when they come over.

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